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Duration time: 01th of December – 21th of December 2018
*Only valid in Europe


Spyder5PRO – for photographers: Advanced color accuracy solution, with room lighting settings for optimal monitor brightness, to help you get true colors on screen and in print. Advanced-featured, interactive calibration for laptop and desktop monitors.

Spyder5ELITE – for photo/videographers and AV professionals: Expert color accuracy solution delivering the most precise and comprehensive calibration for all your displays, including laptop, desktop, projector and video displays.

Value: 179 € / 160 £*   Sales: 129 € / 116 £*

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Value: 259 € / 232 £*    Sale: 199 € / 179 £*

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Spyder5CAPTURE PRO – All in One for Photographers: Provides all the essentials needed to manage color from capture to editing in your photography workflow. Calibrate your camera and lenses with SpyderLENSCAL; use SpyderCUBE to control contrast and white balance; control color balance with SpyderCHECKR; and calibrate your display with Spyder5ELITE.

Spyder5STUDIO – the complete color workflow in one box: The ultimate color calibration solution designed for photographers who demand the highest level of control and accuracy for their entire digital color workflow, from capture, to edit, to print. Create a custom profile for your printer with SpyderPRINT; use SpyderCUBE to control contrast and white balance; and calibrate your display with Spyder5ELITE.

Value: 389 € / 349 £*    Sale: 289 € / 259 £*

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Value: 449 € / 403 £*    Sale: 289 € / 259 £*

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SpyderCHECKR – Camera Color correction for Photo & Video: The professional 48-colour test chart for photo and video color control. Durable, foldable and tripodmountable. Testcharts are changeable and the FadeCHECKR indicates, if colors faded away over the time. Quick, easy and accurate color balancing with SpyderCHECKR software. Can be combined with the SpyderCUBE due to an additional second thread.

Value: 139 € / 125 £*    Sale: 99 € / 89 £*

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Participating Partner Promotions:

With the purchase of a Spyder5PRO, Spyder5ELITE, Spyder5CAPTURE PRO or Spyder5STUDIO you can benefit from our long term promotions with our partners Adobe and Fujifilm Fotoservice pro. Just install and activate your Spyder-Product and click on the promotion links in your activation email.

Receive a 90 day Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with the purchase of a qualifying Spyder product!* 
Datacolor and Adobe work hand-in-hand to offer the complete package for your photography workflow. Save time, money and frustration – with an efficient editing workflow.


Datacolor FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro® promotion – save 50% on a FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro® product!
You receive with the purchase of a qualified Spyder product a one-time 50% discount on a photo product of your choice from the FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro®. Choose from photo book, fine art print on canvas or acrylic glass or other high quality products.


Color Management eBook – complete edition for free
You will receive the complete edition of our Color Management eBook free of charge for all participating promotion products. In 200 pages we explain in simple words what you should pay attention to when setting up your workflow. Just install and activate your Spyder product and follow the download link in your activation email.



What the Professionals are Saying


“I retouch images on location, therefore it is essential to trust the colors on your laptop even in changing light conditions.”
Laura Helena Rubahn, Professional Photographer – Included in the Top 100 of most influencing internet photographers
Mannheim, Germany

“One way to determine what your image will look like in a printout is to Soft Proof the image using a profile for that printer. Spyder5ELITE+ provides that capability seamlessly. You can use the included target or look at any images you have by specifying a custom file or folder for it to use as targets.”
David Cardinal, Professional Travel and Nature Photographer
California, United States

“I’ve been using Datacolor Spyder for 12 years, ever since the very first time I faced digital color issues. Over the course of this time period I’ve used Spyder2, 3 and 4 and now Spyder5ELITE+. I’ve always been happy with the results and trust Datacolor Spyder 100%.”
Andreas H. Bitesnich, Artist, Photographer, Director
Vienna, Austria



*Spyder5PRO, Spyder5ELITE, Spyder5CAPTURE PRO and Spyder5STUDIO purchases include an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan – 3-month Membership.