Datacolor is offering selected Spyder products for photographers at attractive conditions as part of its Black Friday and Christmas promotion. Enjoy huge savings on SpyderX Elite, SpyderX Pro and our versatile SpyderX Photo Kit and SpyderX Create Kit.


Valid November 15 – December 24. 2021
* EU & UK only



Color Management for Photographers ‒ The Spyder Family


SpyderX Pro
​For serious photographers and designers who want a fast, precise and easy-to-use monitor calibrator that helps achieve their creative vision.

Value: £159   Sale: £109

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SpyderX Elite
​For Expert and professional photographers and motion image makers looking for the most comprehensive monitor calibration tool for maximum control of their color workflow.

Value: £239   Sale: £149

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SpyderX Photo Kit
​Everything you need to optimize your photos in one convenient and cost-effective package. Ensure precise color, depth and detail for all your photos from capture through post-production.


  • SpyderX Elite – Our most accurate, fastest (4X), easiest monitor calibrator ever​
  • Spyder Checkr 24 – Next-level camera color calibration with software based HSL-presets​
  • Spyder Cube – Set white balance and RAW conversion.

Value: £259   Sale: £175

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SpyderX Create Kit
This versatile kit includes everything you need for your ideal photo shoot or digital design work. Capture color inspiration, integrate scanned colors into your digital workflow, ensure color accuracy, consistency and sharp images on your monitor, connect with newer devices – even add some extra storage space.


  • SpyderX Pro – Designed for photographers and designers who want a fast, precise and easy-to-use monitor calibrator. SpyderX is our most accurate, fastest (4X), easiest monitor calibrator ever.
  • ColorReader EZ – Color-coordinate your photo shoot seamlessly. Scan the flat surface of any color to instantly find its Savage Universal background color match, paint color match, plus precise RGB, Hex and CIE Lab color data for use in photographic and digital design workflow and for easy conversion to Pantone colors.
  • Spyder Tripod – Stabilize camera for sharp images. Flexible legs, lightweight portability.
  • Spyder Shelf – Provides vertical storage space by easily attaching to/removing from your computer.
  • Spyder USB-C – Adapts USB-A cables to USB-C ports. Compatible with Mac, Windows-based PCs, and Android devices and iPad Pro.

Value: £239   Sale: £175

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Digital color matching with just a click ‒ The ColorReader Family

Color inspiration can be found in unanticipated moments and unexpected things. Be ready to capture it and easily take any project from “this” to “that.”


Scan Your Color

Find Your Paint Match

Get the Look You’ll Love



ColorReader EZ
Compact and easy to use, ColorReader EZ gives DIYers just what they need to execute projects with confidence and no stress.

Value: £59.99   Sale: £49.99
Redeem Discount Code: BF2101

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Streamline your workflow with ColorReader, a smart, portable color-measuring tool that provides precise color values and paint color matches.

Value: £99.99   Sale: £89.99
Redeem Discount Code: BF2102

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ColorReader Pro
ColorReader Pro has a digital screen that displays your color measurement right on the reader, delivering accurate color matches with exceptional ease of use.

Value: £259   Sale: £229
Redeem Discount Code: BF2103

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