ColorReader EZ: perfect for DIYers

Match the colors you love and get the results you dream of for all your DIY projects.

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Scan Your Color

ColorReader EZ allows you to capture color inspiration.

Find Your Paint Match

It’s never been easier to transform your inspiration into reality.

Get the Look You’ll Love

Create the perfect expression of your personal style.

Accurate and Portable

Take this handy tool wherever you go to find instant, accurate paint color matches.

Precise Color Matching

Get accurate color matches to the top paint brands, Savage Universal backgrounds as well as CIE Lab, RGB and Hex color values.

Save, Label and Share Colors

Save your favorite colors, label them for quick reference and easily share with friends, family — even your paint store — right from your phone.

Coordinating Colors

Tap onto your color match to find complementary color options plus a variety of color palette schemes for added inspiration.

Browse Digital Fan Decks

Scroll through digital fan decks of your favorite paint brands for additional color inspiration or to fine-tune your final color selections.

From “This” to “That”

Color inspiration can be found in unanticipated moments and unexpected things. Be ready to capture it, so you can easily take any project from “this” to “that.”

What’s in the box
  1. ColorReader EZ device
  2. Two CR2032 coin cell batteries
  3. Thank you card & device setup instructions
System requirements
  • Smartphones running Android™ 6.0 or higher; or iPhone® or iPodTouch® running iOS version 9.3 or higher
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher
Supported languages

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Korean and Russian

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