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Reviews and Awards


SLR Lounge

“The greater level of color confidence afforded by ColorReader EZ saves users time and money on reworks due to color error. ColorReader EZ is a must-have tool for anyone whose work or lifestyle includes color decisions.”



“After connecting the ColorReader EZ to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, it can quickly and accurately identify the closest color match to any hue it measures on a flat smooth surface. You can obtain the result as a precise CIELAB, Hex, and RGB color value.”


Brit Decor

“The ColoReader (just under 7cm in length) is stupendously easy to use – I literally downloaded the app onto my iPhone, switched on the reader and laid it on top of my first colour surface. Within seconds an exact colour match, along with some near matches, appeared on my phone screen. “

“It’s a great gadget for use as a gift or for help in getting the colours just right in a home DIY job. Now anyone can be an interior designer, and the ColorReader makes choosing colours for that paint project even more fun.”



“Verdict: If you need to accurately record and identify colors as part of your job, the DataColor ColorReader is a fabulous tool that can really help interior designers and decorators, as well as anyone who needs to identify and catalog colors with a high degree of confidence and accuracy.”



“Perhaps we don’t speak for ourselves when we say we can fall subject to ‘designers block’ now and again. By this we mean, we can easily fall into the trap of recommending the same colour schemes repetitively to clients over and over again. By having perfectly suited colour schemes suggested to you within seconds makes you feel inspired and creatively enlightened.”



“With the ColorReader easily carried in my bag, I now know that, should I spot a colour I love in a restaurant, bar or hotel which I think would be the perfect one to paint my living room or bedroom, I can take the guesswork out of it and be confident in my colour choices.”