19 Sources of Color Inspiration from Datacolor Employees Around the World


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“While we think of color as an attribute, really it’s a happening: a constantly occurring dance between light and matter.” — Ingrid Fetell Lee, Author of Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.


What role does color play in your life? And what would happen if you took a closer look at the colors around you?


In honor of International Color Day (March 21), we invited Datacolor employees around the world to grab a ColorReader and find some inspiration in everyday objects.


If you’re not familiar with the ColorReader, this handheld device lets you scan any object and identify the closest paint or textile color in a few seconds. And while it has no shortage of practical uses, it’s also fun to walk around your house and scan your favorite shirt, your kid’s toys or even your pet’s fur.


This is how our own team members got creative with their ColorReaders:



Rachel He, Marketing Manager for Greater China
Location: Shanghai, China
Object Scanned: Her son’s toy set. “I enjoy playing blocks with my boy in my spare time,” she says



Frederique Lans, Digital Marketing Manager
Location: Gent, Belgium
Object Scanned: “The favorite skirt of my daughter, when she is not wearing jeans”



Frederique Lans
Object Scanned: Her son’s football club outfit



Frederique Lans
Object Scanned: “I drive this street several times a day. It’s brightened up with a nice bright blue sign”



Francisco Villegas, Manufacturing Technician
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: A mosaic mirror made by his mom, to find the perfect bathroom paint color.



Francisco Villegas
Object Scanned: The paint color on his wall to test the ColorReader’s capabilities (it passed).



Daniel Liao, Technical Manager for Asia/South Pacific
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Object Scanned: A colorful desk fan



Kate Edwards, Research Scientist
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: Her hamster, Kiwi. “Sorry it is blurry – he moves a lot,” she says.



Ricardo Cunha, Textile Sales Executive
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Object Scanned: “Brazil is a beautiful, tropical country know worldwide for its nature. There are so many colorful flowers and this kind of orchid called Denphale Orchidaceae is very common here.”



Amanda Larity, North America Service Contract Sales Representative
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: A reminder she keeps at her desk. “It grounds me and helps remind me that there is purpose in what I do every day.”



Charlotte Wille, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA
Location: Gent, Belgium
Object Scanned: “I measured the colors of my living room walls, sofa and cushion and took the ColorReader palette to the store in order to find a blanket in the same color tone. The picture shows the result.”



Alyssa Greenfield, Content and Social Media Manager
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: “A pair of pink sneakers I bought on a whim… with my cat watching the process.”



Dhandapani Kesavakumar, Application Engineer
Location: Tiruppur Area, India
Object Scanned: “I prefer my curtain and wall paint to be the same color. After scanning the curtain, I will choose my wall paint color.”


Craig Stolarski, Inside Sales Manager
Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Object Scanned: Colorful artwork in the Datacolor office



Anna Nguyen, Inside Sales Representative
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Object Scanned: Her bright badge. “Let pink shine this year,” she says



Cassie Ciesla, Marketing Analyst
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: “I (obviously) chose my dog Riley. Besides being obsessed with him, I love neutral colors, and what better color to have on your walls than that of your pet?”



Mitch Walla, Industrial Sales
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: A colorful stack of post-its



Patrick Coyne, Web Designer and Developer
Location: New Jersey, United States
Object Scanned: Pat and his friends are opening a brewery. So he found a way to use the ColorReader to scan the color of each batch of beer to ensure it’s consistent. Here, he used the same set-up on a cup of coffee.



Winge Vrijders, HR Manager for EMEA
Location: Gent, Belgium
Object Scanned: Winge recently welcomed a baby girl named Ella-Louise. “In Belgium the parents give ‘sugar beans’ to people who visit the baby and give a gift. These are chocolates covered with a sugar coating in different colours.”


Learn more about ColorReader for painters and designers here and ColorReader for the textile industry here.


And share your own ColorReader scans with us by using the hashtag #DCColorDay.


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