See How Top NYC Designer Sasha Bikoff Uses Datacolor ColorReader To Find Her Perfect Paint Match

Amidst a sea of neutral-toned interiors, top NYC designer Sasha Bikoff has made a name for herself with her fearless, on pointe use of color, evidenced by her show-stopping staircase design at the highly-profiled Kip’s Bay designer showcase in 2018. Since then, Sasha has been using her keen understanding of design and culture to curate her own collection of lighting, floor coverings, furniture and more.


The New York Times dubbed her the “interior designer for the young and wealthy,” and her aesthetic includes a mix of 18th century French Rococo mixed with “1960’s Space Age Modern”, French Modernism from the 1970’s and “1980’s Italian Memphis Milano,” which results in a stunning mix of bright colorful fabrics and rare antiques. She believes that living spaces should be a reflection of the people and personalities who inhabit them and embracing color in bold and unique ways is one avenue in which to achieve this outcome.


In this video, Sasha shares how she develops a space’s color palette, much like how a painting is created. She also explains how she uses the Datacolor ColorReader to both find inspiration and translate her vision into reality. Along with its ease of use and time-saving benefits, Bikoff is equally happy with the eco-savviness that comes with ColorReader since it eliminates the need for using (and lugging around) countless paper fan decks in her work.



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