[Guest Post] Painters: Three Simple Ways to Reduce Risk During the Sales Process

This is a guest post from Brandon Lewis. Brandon is the founder of The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and publisher of Painter’s Weekly. Learn more at www.PaintersAcademy.com and www.PaintersWeekly.com.



When you sell painting services, clients have a lot to be concerned about.


Frankly, they’ve probably had a bad service experience in the past from a “man in a van company” that promised them the moon but failed to deliver.


A good diagnostic sales process directly addresses concerns and provides proof that the claims made by your company are verifiably true. When this takes place, clients feel like the risk has been reduced in the buying process.


In fact, if you capably convince clients that the risk associated with choosing your company is significantly less than selecting another, they’ll pick you every time. They’ll likely even pay a premium to use your services in exchange for some peace-of-mind.


So, how do you reduce risk in the minds of your clients? There are dozens of ways, but let’s start with three you can employ right away:



Be Transparent About How You Screen Painters


Property owners have valid concerns about the painters who come into their homes and offices. When you teach clients about how you select, screen and evaluate your painters, it makes them feel at ease.


Provide proof of criminal background checks, company conduct policies, biographies of crew members, and testimonials of satisfied clients to help the client understand that your painters can be trusted.



Provide Written Warranties and Guarantees


One question on every client’s mind is this: What happens if something goes wrong? The sales process is your time to answer by providing clear, written, comprehensive satisfaction guarantees and workmanship warranties.


Many painting companies use these in day-to-day practice, yet fail to showcase them. If you stand behind your work, highlight it in writing with your marketing and sales materials.



Demonstrate Your Professionalism in Color Selection


Selecting or matching the right color is a process so many painters run away from. But you shouldn’t. Clients are fearful that they will select the wrong color or match it incorrectly without professional help. When you fail to provide that consultative guidance, you let them down.


To show your professionalism during the sales process, provide color consultations and use simple tools like the ColorReader Pro in the field to physically demonstrate your cutting-edge color expertise. When you solve color problems that your competitors run from, you’ll build trust and close the sale.



The Bottom Line


When you reduce risk in the sales process, you get rewarded. Start with these three risk-reducing strategies first. Then, make a list of all your clients’ largest concerns and address them one-by-one. You’ll watch your closing rates and margins climb accordingly.


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