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At Datacolor, we understand the unique challenges that the paint and coatings industry faces and we have solutions for every need. We know that paint isn’t just about looking pretty or matching. The color of paint can play an instrumental role in safety, protection of materials, reducing heat absorption, increasing reflectivity, extending the shelf-life of cars and houses, protecting bridges and tunnels and even saving energy.

Because paint color plays so many varied and vital roles, it’s imperative to get colors right the first time. With Datacolor solutions as part of your formulation and quality control program, you can increase efficiency, reduce waste, speed up production, and save money, time and resources.

From pigments to paint to coated products, Datacolor provides color measurement, formulation, visualization and control solutions for decorative, protective and industrial end-use.

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“After 3 years of deep technical evaluation, we can say that Datacolor is offering the best software and instruments for our needs. Besides, Datacolor provides excellent worldwide support and has proven to be a reliable partner.”

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

The Fundamentals of Color and Color Measurement

Getting color right is in the details. Understand how Datacolor can transform your color development process with this handy Industry Guide.

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