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Colibri ColorQuality&Correct makes it easier for production to perform inspection lot assessments and make the decision to accept or correct lots.

Colibri ColorQuality&Correct features and benefits include:
  • A simplified quality control user interface, for fast batch or lot inspections to accelerate the acceptance or rejection of lots.
  • The option to correct rejected lots helps to reduce waste and completion of orders.
  • Production can now perform a color correction without assistance from an expert, accelerating the product release process
  • It also allows experts in the laboratory to access the inspection lots and to support production with the color correction step when required.
  • Can be configured to communicate quality data to third party systems on completing the operation

At all stages of the process, data is being collected so that Colibri Quality&Correct can report in real time on the quality of the products created.

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Easily inspect and correct production lots by Using Colibri ColorQuality&Correct

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