Work from anywhere

Imagine the possibilities if you are not tied to your desk or all the equipment or all that physical samples when performing color evaluation.

Break free with a web-based solution that you can take on-the-go, work from anywhere, anytime.

Get started in minutes

Quickly create your profile, upload a QTX file, and start evaluating colors digitally. Our simple interface is easy to learn and easy to use, with no installation or upgrade required.

Evaluate with confidence

Color coded visual aids help you analyze data easily, enables quick batch selection and detect possible inconsistencies on measurement conditions.

Quickly switch between standards, change illuminants/observers or switch color spaces.

Confidently make decisions based on colorimetric values, reflectance curves or color difference plots.

Collaborate with Ease

Easily share color data and evaluation results with your supply chain partners

Export data as QTX files or PDF Reports


Datacolor CloudQC Viewer Introduction

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How do you communicate objectively about a color?

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Your questions answered

We have put together some commonly asked questions to help you get started with CloudQC Viewer.