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The seminar is over – Colour Seminars UK

Do you want to expand your understanding about colour? Then don’t hesitate to participate in our next Colour Seminar.

You can expect a day filled with colour theory, measurement and communication, illustrated by practical examples and applications in our software.

What you will learn:

In this colour seminar you will learn about colour theory and best practices of colour management. Depending on your prior knowledge, you can opt for the regular colour seminar or for the advanced version.

BASICS OF COLOUR | 28th February 2023
Introduction to colour and colour science:

  • What’s Colour.
  • How We See Colour and How the Human Eye Works.
  • Limitations With Visual Assessment
    • Variations in colour vision.
  • Effect of viewing environment.
  • Lighting and Light Boxes.
  • Colour Spaces and Colour Difference Equations.
    • Chromaticity co-ordinates.
    • CIE colour space.
    • Mathematic definition of colour difference equations
  • Sample Presentation and Preparation.
  • Verbal Colour Communication.
  • Use of Instruments to Measure Colour.
    • Explanation of colour pass/fail print outs.
    • Linking visual description of colour differences to colour measurement.
Understanding and detailing how CIE colour theory developed and the mathematics behind its match prediction:

  • Introduction to Colour.
    • How we see colour.
    • Colour matching functions – tristimulus functions.
    • Light sources and colour temperatures.
  • Colour Spaces and Colour Difference Equations.
    • Chromaticity co-ordinates.
    • CIE colour space.
    • Mathematic definition of colour difference equations
      • CIELab.
      • Optimised colour difference equations.
  • Instruments for Measuring Colour.
    • Colorimeters
    • Reflectance spectrophotometers
    • Measurement geometry
    • Possible errors from colour measurement
  • Match Prediction
    • Benefits of recipe prediction and corrections.
    • Basic mathematics behind Kubelka-Munk theory
    • Limitations and possible errors.

Throughout the seminar, practical examples and use cases will be shared, to help you streamline your colour management process.

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome
09:30 Start of the seminar
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
16:30 Q&A
17:00 End of the seminar


28th February & 1st March 2023
Manchester – United Kingdom
Double Tree by Hilton at Manchester Airport




1 day price > £395

£295 p.p. for the 2nd and next registered person from the same company


Still not sure if this seminar is for you? Here’s what some of the participants have been saying about our previous seminars.

“What I found most useful? The clear division into light source, object, observer and their properties. The operation of the spectrophotometer. The overview of the existing options for color measurement.”

“I have done a similar course before, so part of it was already known to me. The most added value for me was the explanation of the CMC and the difference with CIELab. I have had this in previous courses but back then with a very unclear explanation where I really didn’t understand it.”

“What I found most useful was the explanation of, especially, the color spectrum. They were nice course instructors who were very knowledgeable.”

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