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Datacolor Match Textile Plus Tools User Course (Hands-on Training)

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Course Outline:

Day 1 Datacolor TOOLS

  • Discuss concept, design and purpose of Tools desktop. Explain use of ribbon bars and tabbed menus.
  • Explain what a template vs. a screen form
  • Setup and calibration of instrument
  • Measurement of standards and batches to the desktop explorer using the instrument and introduce other methods of input
  • Store and retrieve of standards/Batches to data folders and folders creation
  • Evaluation of output data
    – How to select and the effect of the Illuminant/Observer
    – Discussion of flare and metameric
    – Explanation of available color spaces (CMC, CIE, FMC-II)
  • Analysis of all available plots
  • Establishing and setting pass/fail tolerances
  • Setting of System setups and defaults
  • Setting of standard and batch defaults
  • User admin & customization

Day 2 Match Textile Setup and Formulation

  • Logins & Passwords
  • Overview of Match Textiles main screen
  • Create Qualities, Dyeprocesses, and Dyesets
  • Measuring and Storing Primaries
  • Evaluating Your Primary build curves
  • Creating new recipes
  • Review recipe table and Printouts
  • Formula Storage/Retrieval
  • Editing of recipes
  • Adding Effects to Quality/Style

Day 3 Match Textile Corrections and System Maintenance

  • Matching a redye or top-up
  • Corrections-Lab, Production and Fast
  • Import and Export of Colorant Sets
  • Matching of Fiber blends (if applicable)
  • Manual Input of Recipe and Smart match
  • Backup and Restore
  • Lab Process (if applicable)


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