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The downloads listed here contain versions that are no longer supported. They only serve as a backup in case you want to reinstall an old version. If you are interested in upgrading to a current version, please contact our support team.

The current version of the Colibri Software can be found here.

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Datacolor Colibri 3.8.12

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows 10 and 11 (add 64 Bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
With local SQL Server Express: Quad Core or higher (64bit)
Without SQL Server Express: Dual Core or higher (64bit)
With local SQL Server Express: 8 GB or more
Without SQL Server Express: 4GB or more
Hard drive
Without local Database: Approximately 2GB of available hard-disk or Solid-state drive space
With local Database: 20 GB of available Solid-state drive space
1920×1080, 1920×1200, high DPI Displays not recommended
Graphic card
Graphic card supporting OpenGL 2.1 (only for 3D Gamut Viewer)
Serial or USB or Bluetooth (depending on spectrophotometer model)
Other Requirements
For local database, Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2016 or 2019.
For Microsoft SQL Server system requirements and licensing, please look at