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Datacolor Assessment Services are designed to help brands, vendors and suppliers dramatically reduce the time and cost of product development. The programs ensure that supply chains are qualified and capable of meeting expectations for color quality. Let professionals you can trust do the assessment of your color workflow, allowing you to showcase your organization’s commitment to best practices for processes, technology, and people.
Datacolor Assessment Service Options:
Datacolor Certify (Recommended) – Assesses both visual and digital color development workflows. Once the certification is granted to suppliers, it is valid for one year and is recognized by all brands participating in the program.
Datacolor Certify Visual – A subset of Datacolor Certify that focuses only on the visual color workflow. This certification program is designed specifically for suppliers that work with fabrications and materials that are not currently being measured digitally.

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What you get with Certify Visual vs Certify:


Certify Visual Certify

Online Pre-Test
Color Theory
Instrument Technique X

QC Software Technique X

Operator Evaluation
Visual Procedures
Visual Test
Color Approval Process/Knowledge of Brand SOP Visual Only Visual and Digital
Instrumental Technique and Maintenance X

QC Software Technique X

Environmental Conditions
Atmospheric Conditions
Light Cabinet
Spectrophotometer X

QC Software X

Performance Monitoring Software X

Datacolor marketing support
Certification is recognized by all brands requiring visual assessment
Certification is recognized by all brands requiring digital assessment X
Integration with ColorHub Optional Optional
Offsite Assessment Option * w/ColorHub

* If the supplier does digital color measurement for some of the brands, they may require to go through complete assessment since Certify Visual only addresses visual workflow





Retail Brands

Reduce time from design to consumer and ensure expected quality by:

  • Gaining transparency into your supply chain’s capabilities to efficiently and effectively manage color
  • Shifting internal color team auditing resources to focus on other priorities critical to delivering quality product to the consumer
  • Shifting accountability to the point of manufacturing by giving qualified suppliers the ability to self-approve

Save time on supply chain certification with our expert team, so that you can focus on other projects.



Suppliers and Mills

Achieve better efficiency in production:

  • Reaching more customers by showcasing your commitment to best practices for processes, technology and people
  • Receive recommendations for the right technology and processes that optimize the overall color development workflow
  • Realize cost and resource savings by committing to an industry recognized assessment program in which multiple brands align.


Datacolor Assessment Services Overview

Datacolor Assessment Services will focus on the following three elements as part of the assessment:
1. Environmental conditions

Temperature and humidity levels can affect how color will look on the final product. It’s important to keep your environmental conditions within the recommended range. Datacolor will also evaluate the daily log of conditions and how standards are stored.
2. Equipment

For the Datacolor Certify Program, lightbooths and spectrophotometers must be under an annual service contract. The instruments’ performance, conditions and usage will also be tested to make sure they comply with program standards. Software version, configuration and support will be checked as part of the assessment as well as antivirus protection*.
For the Datacolor Certify Visual Program, only lightbooths will be evaluated. Spectrophotometers, software and antivirus protection are not included in this assessment program.

3. Operators’ expertise

Success of the entire color development cycle is highly dependent upon operators. Their skills and knowledge will be evaluated during an initial pre-assessment test that is taken online. During the onsite assessment, a Datacolor representative will evaluate each operator’s understanding of procedures, equipment usage, and test their color vision.


How it works

When assessing the supply chain, the Datacolor team focuses on color management process and mill capabilities. This includes instruments, knowledgebase and environment. We identify areas for improvement, provide recommendations and work with the mill to make sure they meet the criteria for certification.



Brands gain greater visibility into their supply chain’s capabilities to help inform more efficient sourcing strategies. Suppliers gain a competitive advantage and greater flexibility in the production process.


Are you qualified?


In order for a supplier to be qualified for Datacolor assessment program, make sure you review the following Product Reference Sheet:


Product Reference Sheet


If any of the required items are missing, we can help you achieve minimum requirements to be qualified. Please contact us today to learn more about qualification.


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