Datacolor CONDITIONER MB2 is an environmental conditioning cabinet that enables color labs and offices to achieve highly reproducible color assessments by eliminating color differences that result from temperature and humidity variations, regardless of location.


Designed for:
Color facilities with variable environmental conditions.


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Efficiency in sample conditioning

Efficiency in sample conditioning


  • Sample conditioning in 5-10 minutes ensures efficiency in your color approval process.
  • Sealed inner glass door enables viewing of sample location for rapid sample removal and minimal disruption to conditioning.
  • Quickly and easily select the appropriate conditioning set points with the intuitive controller interface.


Confidence in sample conditioning


Confidence in sample conditioning


  • Conformance to ASTM D1776 and ISO 139 standards for conditioning textile samples to meet the requirements of the global supply chain.
  • Precise temperature control with precision of +/- 0.2°C, and humidity control with maximum variation of +/- 2% rH.
  • Constant gentle air circulation throughout chamber with the APT.Line ™ technology ensures homogeneous sample conditioning throughout the cabinet.
  • Digital chart recording feature and optional external PC program for easy monitoring of unit performance.
Flexibility to meet your needs

Flexibility to meet your needs


  • Compact, easy-to-use unit that fits into any lab or office environment.
  • Units available with or without daylight illumination for conditioning of samples that change color with exposure to light.
  • Sample capacity:
    • Units with lighting hold up to 40 samples on 2 shelves
    • Units without lighting hold up to 100 samples on 5 shelves
  • Optional external water tank and deionizing filtration system available as an alternative to connection to an in-house water supply.


  • Complete unit configured as ordered
  • Water conductivity testing meter
  • Water supply connection hardware
  • Installation guide
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate

General Environment

  • Ambient temperature range during operation: 18°C (64.4°F) – 32°C (89.6°F).
  • Ambient humidity: 70% RH max. non-condensing
  • The unit should be installed out of the direct line of any air-conditioning airflow and in a dust-free environment.
  • The unit should be installed with at least 100mm (3.9”) from rear wall and above the unit spacing, side spacing at 160mm (6.29”).



  • Power 220 V, +/- 10 %, 50/60 Hz. Single phase, 3 wire (live, earth and neutral). 2 KW required.


Water Supply

  • Fresh water supply pressure 1 bar to 10 bar (13-145 psi) regulated
  • Deionized (demineralized) water with a conductivity of 1µS/cm to 20µS/cm
  • The water intake temperature must not exceed 40°C or be below +5°C
  • Gravity drain

For installation where deionized (demineralized) water cannot be supplied we offer:
* 2 optional 20 L water tanks: 1 supply tank and 1 drain tank for collecting waste water
* An optional deionizing filtration system, Pure Aqua Service with digital filter monitoring


(with lighting)
(without lighting)
Controller5.7” touchscreen5.7” touchscreen
Interior Volume102L102L
No. of Shelves supplied22
Max. No. of Shelves25
Approximate No. of Samples per Shelf2020
Temperature Range10-50°C10-70°C
Temperature Fluctuation (at 21°C, 65% RH)± 0.2°C± 0.2°C
Humidity Range10-70% rH10-80% rH
Humidity Fluctuation (at 21°C, 65% RH)± 2% rH± 2% rH
Conditioning time5-10min.5-10min.
Recovery time After Door Open≤ 6 min.≤ 6 min.
Sealed inner see-through dooryesyes
Daylight Lightingyesno
Computer InterfaceEthernetEthernet
ASTM D 1776; ISO 139 compliantyesyes


Exterior Dimensions (in mm)CONDITIONER MB2
(with lighting)
(without lighting)
Weight140 kg129 kg


Interior Dimensions (in mm)CONDITIONER MB2
(with lighting)
(without lighting)
Voltage203VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz230VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Optional 110VAC transformeryesyes


Controller and timer functionsCONDITIONER MB2
(with lighting)
(without lighting)
Controller displayyesyes
Ramp functionyesyes
Time delayed ONyesyes
Programming optionyesyes
Weekly program functionyesyes
Adjustable fan speedyesyes
Adjustable lamp intensityyesyes
Real-time clockyesyes
Temperature alarm, acousticyesyes
Temperature alarm, visualyesyes
Ethernet interfaceyesyes
USB interfaceyesyes