Webinar Series: Retail Paint Tinter Tips

Datacolor Paint is a software that redefines the search, match and dispense workflow for paint retailers. It enables you to not only find the right color for your customer faster, but also formulate that color with greater accuracy – improving customer satisfaction and minimizing re-tints.

In this series of videos, paint retailers can get some extra inspiration and best practices on how to improve paint operations in their stores.

Retail Paint Software display on monitor
Datacolor Paint Software

1. Introduction to Datacolor Paint Software

In this video, we will demonstrate the basic function of the Datacolor Paint software, including how to use the Formula Book, Color Cards, Custom Matching features.

2. How To Use Handheld Look Up Device In Your Store

How a low-cost, handheld color lookup device can help improve sales

3. Spectro Maintenance Tips

How to properly care for and maintain your color measurement device.


4. Best Practice For Sample Measurement

We will share best practices in measuring samples to match in the retail environment and demoing multiple measurement in Paint software.

5. Best Pigment For Color Matching

General best practices for pigment selection when matching color

Paint dispenser close up

6. Best Practice In Loading Dispensers

Best Practices on loading colorant into a dispenser.

7. Importance Of Dispenser Maintenance

The importance of dispenser maintenance in a retail paint store.

Retail Paint Person Serving Customer

8. Tips On Dispensing A Can Of Paint

Tips on dispensing a can of paint in a paint store.

9. How To Dispense Sample Size Paint

We discuss what to keep in mind when dispensing into sample size product in a retail paint store.