“We are able to focus on more technical aspects of color matching and development without having to worry if our instruments give us consistent readings. Datacolor is a globally recognized platform that allows us to easily communicate with our offices across the world.” Steve Foos, Assistant Vice President of Research & Development at American Colors, Inc.


Industry: Pigments and dispersions


Currently Using:


  • Datacolor Match Pigment
  • Datacolor Tools
  • Datacolor 600
  • Datacolor 800


International Presence: Yes




  1. Streamlined communications and color development— Excellent inter-instrument agreement among Datacolor instruments enables consistent color readings across all of American Colors’ global facilities.
  2. Shortened time to market without sacrificing quality— Datacolor’s Match Pigment and Tools software accurately match and control color, eliminating the time- consuming manual process.
  3. Customer-focused operation—Continuous Datacolor support, from in-depth trainings to a global team of experts committed to their success, allows American Colors to focus on their customers’ specific needs.


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