For decades, Datacolor’s reference grade instruments have been selected by the world’s leading manufacturers and brands to specify, formulate and control critical color for reflectance and transmission. The Datacolor® 800 Family of benchtop spectrophotometers, with its new embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence, while delivering Datacolor’s best-in-class precision, accuracy and fleet compatibility.

Available in 3 models, the Datacolor 800 Family has the flexibility to suit your needs:


  • Datacolor 800 – Unparalleled reference-grade spectrophotometer offering customers increased measurement efficiency and confidence, while assuring compatibility with their existing fleet.
  • Datacolor 800V – Provides flexibility to customers requiring a vertical configuration of the Datacolor 800.
  • Datacolor 850 – The Benchmark instrument for customers that require both reflectance and transmission capabilities

The Datacolor 800 familiy features:




  • No profiling required. Superior design enables industry’s best inter-instrument agreement right out-of-the-box.
  • Measure more samples per day for 25% reduction in measurement time and improved response times.




  • Positioning camera and color LCD ensure perfect sample placement.
  • LCD screen displays calibration status and instrument settings to validate set-up.
  • On-screen color coded instrument status bar highlights maintenance requirements.




  • Fully backward compatible with the existing fleet of Datacolor 600 instruments.
  • Achieve very close agreement among all instruments in your supply chain.




  • Instrument fleet can be configured over serial port, USB or Ethernet.
  • Multiple users can easily access one instrument.
  • Share data measurements in real-time within global Citrix or Terminal Server environment.


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