Leading brands and manufacturers select Datacolor’s reference-grade spectrophotometers to specify, formulate and control critical color. The Datacolor® 800 Family includes an embedded processor and data storage, providing a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence, while delivering precision and fleet compatibility.


Datacolor 800 – Reference-grade precision, compatible with existing fleets
Datacolor 800V – Vertical configuration of the Datacolor 800
Datacolor 850 – Benchmark for reflectance and transmission measurements


Reference-grade measurements for the formulation and quality control of color in textile, paint & coatings, plastics, and other industries.


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True-Close Tolerance Spectrophotometer

True-Close Tolerance Spectrophotometer


  • No profiling required. Superior design enables the industry’s best inter-instrument agreement right out of the box.
  • Capture true spectral fingerprint of any color at the highest possible accuracy with Datacolor’s proprietary SP2000. The result is a rigorous agreement between all instruments in your supply chain.

Datacolor 800 Family True-close Tolerance Spectrophotometer

Fleet Compatibility & Flexibility

Datacolor 800 Family Fleet Compatibility and Flexibility

Fleet Compatibility & Flexibility


  • Fully backward compatible with the existing Datacolor 600 instruments.
  • Configuration of instruments made possible with serial, USB or Ethernet connectivity.
  • One instrument can be easily accessed by multiple users.
  • Measurements can be taken and automatically shared in real-time within a global Citrix or Terminal Server environment.
Quantifiable Improvement in Throughput

Quantifiable Improvement in Throughput


Significant productivity improvements allow you to measure more samples per day in both stand-alone and global installations:

  • 25% less time spent on measuring.
  • Improved response times in Citrix and Terminal Server environments.

Datacolor 800 Family Quantifiable Improvement in Throughput

Complete Measurement Confidence

Datacolor 800 Family Complete Measurement Confidence

Complete Measurement Confidence


  • Positioning camera and LCD ensure proper sample placement.
  • LCD screen displays calibration status and instrument settings for proper set-up as well as a color coded instrument status bar.
  • Diagnostic data is stored in the instrument and is extractable to enable remote diagnostics and expedite issue resolution.
  • Instruments can be serviced in the field or at any service center worldwide by qualified Datacolor technicians.

All models come with the following standard accessories:


  • Power cable
  • RS232 serial cable with connectors
  • USB Cable with ferrite
  • Black Trap
  • White Tile
  • Green Tile
  • White Tile Calibration data on Mini-CD or USB Memory Stick
  • Large Area View (LAV)
  • Small Area View (SAV)
  • Ultra-Small Area View (USAV)
Feature Datacolor 800 Datacolor 800V Datacolor 850
Instrument type
Dual beam d/8º spectrophotometer
Illumination source
Pulsed xenon filtered to approximate D65
Sphere diameter
152 mm / 6 in
Wavelength Range
360 nm -700 nm
Wavelength resolution
2 nm
Reporting interval
10 nm
Photometric range
Spectral analyzer
Proprietary SP2000 analyzer with dual 256 element diode array
20 Read Repeatability on White
Tile Using Double Flash (CIELAB) *
0.01 (max)
Inter-instrument Agreement –
Reflectance Measurements (CIELAB)*
0.08 (avg)
0.15 (max)
Sample Positioning Camera
4 position auto-zoom
Aperture Plates
3 Standard
LAV (30 mm illuminated, 26 mm measured)
SAV (9 mm illuminated, 5 mm measured)
USAV (6.5 mm illuminated, 2.5 mm measured)
2 Optional
MAV (20 mm illuminated, 16 mm measured)
XUSAV (3.0 mm illuminated, 2.5 mm measured)
Aperture Detection
Automated, adjustable UV Calibration
UV Cutoff Filters
400 nm
420 nm
460 nm
Remote Measurement Button
Vertical Mount
Inter-instrument Agreement –
Regular Transmittance at 550 nm
±0.20% at 85% T
±0.10% at 32% T
Inter-instrument Agreement – Transmission Haze Measurements
±0.15% at 10% TH
Transmission Sampling Aperture Size
22 mm
Operating Environment
5° to 40°C up to 85% RH, non-condensing


Physical Specifications (DC800) Description
Color Display
3.5 inch RGB LCD
Display Resolution
320×240 pixel resolution
37.5 lbs (16.6 kg)
12.3” Wide X 13.2” Tall X 16.4” Deep
(31.24 cm x 33.53 cm x 41.66 cm)
*Environmental Conditions:
Temperature 23°C +/- 1°C
RH 44% +/- 1%