Datacolor AHIBA maximizes the efficiency of discerning dyeing laboratories. Units employ the latest heating technology for precise heating and temperature control. Manual dosing options for auxiliaries enhance correlation between laboratory and production processes. Programmable parameters accommodate many types of substrates for dyeing and testing procedures.


AHIBA IR – State-of-the-art, air-cooled infrared dyeing unit. Supports a wide range of dyeing and testing requirements at an affordable price.


AHIBA IR Pro – Outstanding dyeing performance in any textile exhaust dyeing laboratory. Highest attention to accuracy and dyeing flexibility.

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AHIBA QUICKDOSE – unique lid designed for Ahiba beakers with three independently operated dosing capsules. Safe and easy addition of both liquids and powders to the dyebath.

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Designed for:
Ideal for dyers with numerous substrates. Perfect for labs requiring a very powerful but “easy-to-use” controller.


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World Class Repeatability

World Class Repeatability


State-of-the-art microprocessor control and sophisticated algorithms ensure temperature regulation.

Every step of your process is monitored and managed at a high level of accuracy.

Strict attention to detail and design improves the safety of operators, delivering a low environmental impact machine.

Datacolor AHIBA FAMILY World Class Repeatibility

Improved Productivity

Datacolor AHIBA FAMILY Best-in-Class Productivity

Improved Productivity


Operator error is essentially impossible – intuitive multi-language user interface easily recalls up to 99 locally stored programs. Programming flexibility allows quick programming to match production processes.

Up to 20 dyeing positions in the dyeing unit ensure that a large number of samples can be dyed accurately. Dosing options are available for swift addition of liquid or powder auxiliaries during the dyeing process.

Beaker & Substrate Flexibility

Beaker & Substrate Flexibility


Easily match laboratory and production workflow processes with specially designed workflow flexibility.

Multiple beaker sizes and dual agitation methods expand the unit’s flexibility, ensuring Datacolor AHIBA can meet the widest range of textile dyeing applications.

Datacolor AHIBA FAMILY Beaker and  Substrate Flexibility

Improved Energy Efficiency

AHIBA Family Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy Efficiency



High efficiency infrared lamps, circulation fans, and a sealed dyeing compartment guarantee that the radiant temperature transfer from chamber to beaker is optimized. Smart industrial design and modern materials reduce heat loss from the dyeing chamber, making the Datacolor AHIBA one of the lowest powered units on the market. Achieve heating and cooling gradients comparable to much higher powered units.

  • One full set of dyeing beakers and beaker wheel as ordered.
  • If dosing beakers are ordered then all associated dosing parts will be included in the assembly.
  • Beaker lid closing tool
  • One spare bayonet PT-100 sensor
  • One preparation basket equal to the beaker size ordered. (IR Pro – Only)
  • One spare set of lid o-rings
  • Set of spare fuses (included inside rear cover of the unit)
  • USB Flash Drive (includes:)
    • PC Application Utility installation program (IR Pro – Only)
    • User manual
    • Other Documentation
  • Quick Start/Installation Guide
  • Conformance documentation
  • QC Testing Documentation
Features Comparison AHIBA IR AHIBA IR PRO
Fibers Types All All
Substrate Types All All
Multiple Beaker Size Configuration
Wash-Fastness Simulation
Minimum Liquor Ratio 1:5 Natural – 1:4 Synthetic 1:5 Natural – 1:4 Synthetic
Display Temperature in C° or F°
Temperature Range 20° – 140°C 20° – 140°C
Infrared Lamp 3KW 3KW
Heating Gradient +5.0ºC/min +4.0ºC/min controlled
Beaker-to-Beaker Accuracy ±0.5ºC ±0.5ºC
Heating accuracy: isotherm ±2.0ºC ±1.0ºC
Cooling System Air Water/Heat Exchanger
Speed 5-50 selectable 5-50 selectable
Reverse Rotation Yes-automatic Yes-selectable
Manual Dosing (injection or membrane)°
Controller Type Microprocessor Control Microprocessor Control
Calibrated Temperature Accuracy <1ºC <1ºC
Dyeing Temperature Control Accuracy <±2ºC <±1ºC
Display Color Monochrome Color
Program Storage 99 programs 99 programs
Display Program Graphs
External Program Storage
Record Program Data
Controller Multi-Language Yes (7 languages)
Delayed Program Run
Manual Mode
History File
Multi-Level User

Installation requirements

The systems should be installed on a sturdy table or benchtop in a laboratory environment with temperature and humidity conditions:

5°-31°C with <80% rH

31°- 40°C with <50% rH

Electrical supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz Single phase, 3 wire (Line, Neutral, and Earth Ground) tolerance of <+/-10%.

Heating Power: 3000 W

Total Power: 3850 W

If the mains supply is prone to interruptions and failures a UPS is recommended.


The unit is water cooled, Use only filtered and softened water.

Pressure: 2-3 bar (30-45 psi)

Hardness: <10 dH

Temperature: Ideally <15C

Hose: Min. diam. 3/8″ (10mm), Hi Temp.


The unit is air cooled, ensure at least 12” clearance behind unit for air exhaust