Datacolor TOOLS is an easy-to-use color quality control application for industries where color accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality. Analyze, report, communicate, and visualize accurate color results. Objective pass/fail tolerances and color differences ensure consistent color quality and improved throughput.


Datacolor TOOLS – Evaluate color quality using a range of color difference formulas, graphics, and indices from CIE, TAPPI, ISO, and more.


Datacolor SORT – Advanced shade sorting, clustering, and tapering to manage roll-to-roll color variation in the entire manufacturing process.


Datacolor MONITOR – Measure and report on side-center-side color variation to assure end-to-end color quality.


Designed for:
Ideal for color development and quality control specialists in the textile, automotive, paint, plastic, ink, paper and cosmetics industries.


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Unrivaled Ease-of-Use

Unrivaled Ease-of-Use


Work the way you want by displaying plots and data grids in panels that you can modify – without custom programming. Store all of your data in a robust database, then retrieve and manage samples as needed to an intuitive desktop explorer. Add your most frequently used functions to the ribbon bar to increase efficiency.

Customize settings, templates, and access rights based on the needs of individual users.

Datacolor Tools Ease of use

Spectral Visualization of Samples

Ddatacolor Tools Spectral Visualization of Samples

Spectral Visualization of Samples


Using monitor calibration with the Datacolor Spyder5, spectral color can be displayed on textured substrates to achieve the highest level of accuracy in visual on-screen assessment. Judge the appearance of a single spectral color on multiple substrates under multiple illuminants.

Evaluate metamerism easily and perform color approvals on-screen, reducing the need for physical samples.

Tolerance Flexibility & Management

Tolerance Flexibility & Management


It means unlimited flexibility in defining, selecting, and working with color quality control tolerances.

Unique tolerance blocks can be established and then linked automatically into the color QC workflow.

Multiple tolerances such as CMC and Whiteness Index can even be combined. This allows  to view multiple pass/fail criteria in a single data grid.

Datacolor Tools Tolerance Flexibility and Management

Interactive Color Analysis Plots

Datacolor TOOLS Interactive Color Analysis Plots

Interactive Color Analysis Plots


The interactive graphics module enables simple, efficient, and detailed data analysis. Users can view data graphically against the correct tolerances without searching through menus. Each graph type is interactive, allowing the user to change data points, illuminants, zoom, orientation, and 2D or 3D views. Instantly evaluate color inconstancy in multiple illuminants with the unique multi-illuminant plot.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE and MATCH PIGMENT.
  • QTX data exchange format is fully backward-compatible with Datacolor TOOLS 1.x and 2.x.
  • Suitable for installation in standalone, client-server LAN, or Terminal Server/Citrix environments.

Datacolor TOOLS 2.1® Software License

Processor Dual Core processor 1
Memory RAM 8 GB 1
Free Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB 1
Video Resolution True Color 2
CD/DVD Drive DVD Writer 3
Available Ports (1) RS-232 Serial (for older spectrophotometers), (3) USB 4
Operating System Windows® 7/8/10 Pro (32 or 64 bit) 5
Email (for supported level) Outlook 2007 or above, POP3
Authenticated Sybase Database, supplied with the system Sybase 12.0.1. EBF 3994
Server OS Microsoft Server 2008R2, Microsoft Server 2012, Citrix ZenApp 6.0 6
Configurable button bars Yes Yes Yes
Hide menu bar/button bars NO Yes Yes
Screen forms Limited set of Yes Yes
Print forms Limited set of Yes Yes
File forms Limited set of Yes Yes
Multiple form display Yes Yes Yes
Marks & Spencer setup Yes Yes Yes
Manual curve adjustment NO Yes Yes
Manual gloss adjustment NO Yes Yes
Full range of Color Indices including: E313 Whiteness/Yellowness, Berger Whiteness, CIE Whiteness/Tint, Ganz-Griesser Whiteness, TAPPI 525 Brightness, R457 Brightness Yes Yes Yes
ASTM Haze (4 measurements) NO Yes Yes
Gray scale color change, Gray scale for staining NO form but in grid Yes Yes
ISO 150-A06 Standard Depth NO form but in grid Yes Yes
CMCCON97 Color Inconstancy Yes Yes Yes
DIN 6172 Metamerism index- additive and multiplicative Yes Yes Yes
APHA 10 Scale NO form but in grid Yes Yes
Statistics-std deviation, mean avg Yes Yes Yes
CIE L*a*b*C*h* u*v*, CIE 94, CMC, CIE DE2000, DIN99, M&S 89 Yes Yes Yes
Datacolor, AI and Generic tolerancing NO creation of new Yes Yes
Tolerance Maintenance:
New/Edit/Delete multiple tolerance blocks Limited selection Yes Yes
Plots to support above Tolerances (2D and 3D) and absolute Trend and Histogram (not for generic Tolerances) Yes Yes Yes
3 Illuminant Plot display Yes Yes Yes
Envision Color Patch (new component) Color patch ( solid ) Yes Yes Yes
Color patch ( Image File ) NO Yes Yes
Connect a wide range of Datacolor and competitive Instruments Yes NO Yes
Form Elements- Form Backward compatible New Format of Form/Template No Form Editor Form Editor included
Text output, Edit boxes, List boxes, Buttons, Plots (new types) Yes Yes Yes
User defined fields NO Yes Yes
Date Picker NO Yes Yes
Various methods for Standard/Batch entry Manual entry of %R / %T values, Color Coordinates Yes NO Yes
Swap standard/batch NO Yes Yes
Load standard as batch and batch as standard Yes Yes Yes
Per-standard tolerances Yes Yes Yes
User Management:
Create a new user NO (only default ones) Yes Yes
Customizing a user profile NO Yes Yes
Direct link to Formulation Packages Yes Yes Yes
Direct link to TRACK and/or ENVISION NO Yes Yes
E-mail capability NO Yes Yes
Export to ASCII file Yes Yes Yes
Create/Use Procedures (Form Editor) NO Yes Yes
Multiple user login NO Yes Yes
Create custom database fields NO NO Yes
Save modified Template as new NO Yes Yes
Terminal Server or Citrix Environment NO Yes Yes
Dynamic Sorting Module and Side-Center-Side Module NO optional optional