How Global Thread and Yarn Manufacturer Amann Gets Color Right

From apparel to automotive to footwear and accessories, color is at the heart of Amann’s products.

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Color Plays Central Role for Amann’s High-Quality Threads and Yarns

AMANN is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and Smart Yarns.

The company prides itself on the quality and consistency of all products — of which color plays a central role, excellent service and support, as well as research and innovation in collaboration with customers. Working with Datacolor helps Amann Group achieve critical benefits.

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Lower Costs

With fewer connection rounds and the ability to make decisions during the dyeing process, Amann Group is seeking sustained cost savings.

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Fewer Conflicts

Visual communication is subjective; Datacolor’s tools reduce conflict by defining color digitally.

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Better Accuracy

Colors are accurate and repeatable across the supply chain using Datacolor’s tools and software.

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Controlled Environment

The elimination of environmental differences in temperature and humidity, which can influence color appearance, delivers better outcomes.

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Enhanced Process

With intelligent production recipe management, Amann Group maintains identical process parameters with scheduled and controlled lab and production site interfaces.


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Dye house locations producing identical colors


Step Color Management Process

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“I would definitely say that the Datacolor Service is one of their strongest suits. We are being supported by real experts who analyze the challenges and offer customized solutions”

Christian Scholz

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When data meets color, inspiration meets results.