Datacolor WEIGH interactively guides the drugroom operator through the entire weighing process, ensuring that the correct dyes and chemicals are weighed accurately. Automated data exchange with Datacolor PROCESS or Datacolor TICKET along with interactive graphics virtually eliminate dye weighing errors, minimizing costly dyelot rework.


Designed for:
Textile continuous and exhaust dyeing facilities seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy in dye and chemical weighing processes.


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Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated


Datacolor WEIGH controls up to three connected scales for accurate weighing of dyes and auxiliaries. Seamless transfer of dyelot ingredients and product amounts from Datacolor PROCESS or Datacolor TICKET increases throughput and ensures accurate results.

Weigh Fully Integrated

Accurate Dye and Chemical Weighing

Datacolor Weigh Accurate Dye and Chemical Weighing

Accurate Dye and Chemical Weighing


Tolerance bands are displayed during product weighing to guarantee accuracy. Operators receive clear weighing instructions for cup size, scale selection, and for using full packages of a specific product. Stock control prevents weighing when product availability is low.

Operator-Friendly Interface

Operator-Friendly Interface


Simple user interface and high-visibility display with large, easy-to-use function buttons, is readable from as far as two meters. Weighing progress is clearly displayed on the job status screen. Automatic selection of the next scheduled job is possible. Jobs can be stopped and easily restarted later without loss of information for products that have already been weighed.



Datacolor Weigh Flexibility



When a new lot of a product is required, the target weight in active jobs is recalculated based upon delivery strength. Configurable safety instructions, both visual and audible, alert the operator regarding product hazards. Multiple user profiles support weighing from numerous workstations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the drugroom.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Datacolor PROCESS and Datacolor TICKET.
  • Datacolor WEIGH communicates with scales using the Mettler Toledo SICS communication protocol.

Datacolor WEIGH Software License

Processor Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Free Hard Drive Capacity 120 GB
Video Resolution 1024 x 768 True Color
Video Memory 128 MB
CD/DVD Drive CD Writer
Diskette Drive 1.44 MB
Bar Code Reader
Available Ports (2) RS-232 Serial, (3) USB For more than 2 scales, 3 PCI-Slots must be available
Printer Port Parallel or USB
Operating System Windows® 7/8/10 Pro (32 or 64 bit)

*Scale drivers that are for scales are different as Mettler Toledo SICS communication protocol supporting scales could be developed upon request.



  • High visibility display, readable from as far as two meters
  • Large, easy-to-use function buttons
  • Weighing functions may be customized via user log-in
  • Log-in facility with password control and simplified log-out
  • Job status display clearly shows weighing progress
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Out of sequence call-off weighing
  • Automatic selection of next weighing job
  • Generation of corrective weighing
  • Single product weighing
  • Next weighing job selectable from ordered schedule
  • Fast selection of specific job
  • Stock usage feedback to Datacolor PROCESS™ and Datacolor TICKET™
  • Target weight re-calculation based upon delivery strength (Requires advanced inventory module)
  • Configurable safety instructions (visual and audible)
  • Product and delivery verification
  • Mixing rules defining product miscibility
  • Tolerance bands for product weighing
  • “Weigh as Solution” for small target weights
  • Package reduction weighing for large quantities