How Important is Color at your Company?


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In the textile and apparel industry, color can be the enemy of a short production cycle. Designers, merchandisers, suppliers and your color office all have a stake (and a say) in getting color right.


But we all know that color is only one part of the equation that takes a garment from inspiration to final product—albeit an important one. That’s why we posed the following prompt to attendees at this year’s Datacolor Textile Summit:


Fill in the blank: “My company sees color as…”


Here are some of their answers:


1. It’s an afterthought.


2. It’s often the last piece of the puzzle. Company decision makers don’t realize the amount of work that goes into making a change once colors for the season have been decided.


3. My company always starts with color. When designers bring concepts to the color team, we work together to find colors from our library that are a good representation of the design team’s vision.


4. It’s unpredictable.


5. The emotional, objective stage of deciding on a color palette causes bottlenecks.


6. It’s engaging. Our CEO knows that when a customer walks into a store, they see color first, then style, then fit.

The takeaway? If your team is struggling to show the importance of prioritizing color, you’re not alone. And it is possible to change how your company views this step of the production cycle.


But if we learned anything from this year’s Textile Summit, it’s that we need to work together to solve common color development roadblocks and communicate the importance of achieving the right colors as efficiently as possible. So we want to know…


  1. How does your company see color? Does leadership already make it a priority, or is there a lot of educating left to do?
  2. If you’ve successfully communicated the importance of color to company stakeholders, what worked for you?
  3. What can we do to help you communicate the importance of color to company stakeholders?


Send us a note at and let us know.


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