“Finally, no more discussions about color appearance based on subjective perception.” explains Anja Sick, Senior Technical Operations Laboratory, Product Division Clothing at HUGO BOSS. “Moreover, HUGO BOSS is saving time and money by not having to dispatch color samples.”



HUGO BOSS’ “Create Your Look” modular mix & match system enables different cuts, styles and sizes to be combined without compromising on fit and quality. The particular challenge with mix & match styles is that quality and color of every bolt of fabric must perfectly match.



To ensure this level of color consistency, HUGO BOSS has developed a color evaluation procedure based on numerical color tolerances. The process begins with a 12x12cm standard that is used as a color reference for each bolt. A visual acceptability tolerance is first established in a light booth by evaluating a range of samples under various lighting conditions. Each color standard and sample is then measured with a Spectrophotometer and strict tolerances for dL, da and db are set for each color standard. The HUGO BOSS lab in Metzingen currently uses the Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometer to develop these numerical color tolerances.



The outcome of this smart procedure is significant time savings, as there is no longer any need for HUGO BOSS’ colorists to visually assess samples that have already been instrumentally evaluated by suppliers. Debating the appearance of a color using subjective perception is now a thing of the past.


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