Enabling Expert Color Matching Service for Retail Paint

In the world of retail paint, success means making sure your customers get their exact color right the first time. Datacolor offers highly accurate yet easy-to-use color matching systems for retail paint, so you can provide expert service. With reduced mistints and increased customer sales, the system will easily pay for itself.

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Measure color samples with confidence using a spectrophotometer to formulate colors.

Datacolor 200

Datacolor 200 Family

Offers reliable and easy-to-use color measurement for paint, plastics & coating applications. Significantly reduced calibration frequency, maximized in-store productivity, absolute measurement confidence thanks to the new service indicator. Built especially for the retail paint environment, it features a compact, modern design with plug and play operation.

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Datacolor ColorReader Spectro

You can now custom match paint color with the Datacolor ColorReader Spectro at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

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ColorReader Spectro - Portable Spectrophotometer

Datacolor 20D

Portable, user-friendly spectrophotometer enables highly accurate sample measurement of all sized and in all locations. Coupled with PAINT Software, it yields best first shot matches on the market.

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Datacolor ColorReader Lookup

Improve brand loyalty and increase sales with the ColorReaderPRO professional color matching solution. An ultra-portable, Bluetooth® connected color selection device, ColorReaderPRO provides industry-leading color matching performance. Now you can provide your painters a tool that can match a client’s color inspiration to a corresponding paint color in seconds.

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Datacolor Conditioner



Formulate lab-quality match to your customer’s colors using easy-to-use retail paint software.

Retail Paint

Datacolor Paint

Turn your customer’s vision into reality with Datacolor Paint; an easy-to-use, modular color management software. Control your paint matching systems and dispensers – affordably and flexibly, while producing precise custom matches. Keep customers happy with instant access to over 200,000 fan deck colors. Match your customers’ color with perfection and they'll want to come back for more.

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Visually Assess


Visually assess color with accurate on-screen display and color coordination modules.


Datacolor Lightbooth Family

A portfolio of table top and overhead lighting solutions for accurate and repeatable visual color assessment.

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Performance Monitoring


Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your spectrophotometer with regular diagnostics tests.


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Enhance employees’ product knowledge through online videos and customized training.


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Application Support


Get answers and resolve issues contacting Datacolor Applications Support specialist.


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Hardware Services


Eliminate errors and downtime by scheduling preventative spectrophotometer maintenance.


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Retail Services


Comprehensive support for your paint department including application updates and training.


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