Superior Solutions for Color Quality Control .


Color is one of the primary elements in a consumers perception of product quality. Datacolor’s family of solutions enables each member of the supply chain to control color and appearance across a broad range of parts, ensuring that finished goods are color consistent from batch to batch.


Create objective digital color data by measuring physical samples with a spectrophotometer.


Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometers

The Datacolor® 800 Family, with its embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence. It delivers precision and fleet compatibility. Available in 3 models; the Datacolor 800 Family is adaptable to suit your needs.

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Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometer

Datacolor 500 Family

Its embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and confidence while delivering superior, yet affordable performance and fleet compatibility. Ideal for meeting formulation and quality control needs. Available in 3 models.

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Datacolor 500

Datacolor GUARDIAN

Guard your colors with great care. Unique, predictive maintenance instrument and monitoring service.

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Datacolor 45 Family

A family of portable instruments to measure and control color and appearance.

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Datacolor 45G CT

Datacolor CHECK3

Portable sphere instrument with excellent correlation to our benchtops. Exceptional measurement performance, extensive onboard functionality, and precise positioning in a new design.

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Datacolor Conditioner

Analyze and Communicate

Evaluate and share numerical color information to enable objective pass/fail decisions.


Datacolor TOOLS

Datacolor TOOLS is a straightforward color quality control application for industries where color accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality. Objective pass/fail tolerances and color differences guarantee consistent color quality and improved throughput.

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Datacolor Tools

Visually Assess

Visually evaluate color with standardized light cabinet and accurate on-screen color display.


Datacolor Lightbooth Family

A portfolio of table top and overhead lighting solutions for accurate and repeatable visual color assessment.

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Datacolor Conditioner

Performance Monitoring


Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your spectrophotometer with regular diagnostic tests.


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Enhance your product knowledge through customized training and content.


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Application Support


Get answers and resolve issues by contacting a Datacolor Applications Support specialist.


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Hardware Services


Eliminate errors and downtime by scheduling preventative spectrophotometer maintenance.


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