The CHECK 3 portable spectrophotometer continues Datacolor’s tradition of high precision color measurement performance.

Improved ease of use features include a new modern user interface, enhanced Bluetooth functionality, and an illuminated sample port, enabling the CHECK 3 to consistently deliver accurate color data to meet your needs.


Designed for: 

Ideal for the formulation and quality control needs of color professionals in the paint, coatings, plastics and textile industries.


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Exceptional Measurement Performance

Exceptional Measurement Performance


CHECK 3 offers excellent correlation to Datacolor’s world-renowned bench top spectrophotometers. It shares the same high-accuracy SP2000 spectrometer as our reference grade Datacolor 800 benchtop instrument. For each measurement, from vendor to customer and throughout the entire supply chain, you can count on the CHECK3 for highly accurate color data.

Datacolor CHECK3 Exceptional measurement performance

Precise Positioning

Datacolor CHECK3 Precise positioning

Precise Positioning


The illuminated sample port enables direct view of the sample through the sphere ensuring accurate sample positioning.

New Instrument Design

New Instrument Design


With the horizontal orientation of the CHECK 3 you can take measurements even in height constrained areas, making it very user-friendly.

Datacolor CHECK3 New Instrument Design

Extensive Onboard Functionality

Datacolor CHECK3 Extensive Onboard Functionality

Extensive Onboard Functionality


Large color LCD screen with a completely redesigned, intuitive user interface makes the instrument easy-to-learn and easy-to-use:

  • 1-click continuous sample measurement
  • Live navigation bar enables easy access to Target, Batch, Tolerance, and other settings.
  • Pass/Fail, Auto-Standard, Auto-Name, Auto-Saving, Indices and more

Bluetooth® and USB Peripheral Support allows Easy Measurement Wherever you are:


  • Seamlessly transfer standards and measurements between CHECK 3 and Datacolor TOOLS quality control software via Bluetooth or USB.
  • Initiate sample measurement from TOOLS when connected via Bluetooth.
  • Easy export of data to a USB flash-drive.
  • Support for USB keyboards and bar code scanners.
  •  Datacolor Check 3 Spectrophotometer
  •  Aluminum Carrying Case
  • Two aperture plates (specific to model)
  • USB Memory Stick with Calibration Data and User Guide
  • Wrist strap
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Black trap
  • White and Green Tiles
  • USB cable
  • Certificate of Instrument Performance
  • Quick Start Guide
  • QV Laboratory Calibration Certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity
Datacolor CHECK3
Instrument Type Portable Spectrophotometer
Measurement Geometry Diffuse illumination 8°viewing
Light Source Pulsed xenon
Sphere Diameter 2 inches/51mm
Wavelength Range 400 nm – 700 nm
Effective Bandwidth 10nm
Spectral Analyzer Dual 256 diode array
20 read repeatability on white tile using double flash (CIELAB) (1) <0.03 CIELab dE* max on white ceramic tile
Inter-instrument agreement: reflectance measurements (CIELAB) (1, 2 & 3) 0.15 CIELab dE*avg of 12 BCRA tiles
0.25 CIELab dE* max on any BCRA tile (listed as color inter-instrument agreement)
Aperture Sizes Available (all instruments are dual aperture) LAV – 15mm illuminated, 11 mm measured
SAV – 10mm illuminated, 6.5 mm measured
USAV – 6.5 mm illuminated, 2.5 mm measured
UV cutoff filters Optional UV Cut-off filter
Optional UV Cutoff Filter 400 nm
Functional Operating Environment (2) 5° to 40°C up to 85% RH, non-condensing
Physical Specifications
Color Display 50.54mm x 68.62mm x 3.55 mm
Display Resolution 240 x 320
Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 235mm x 90mm x 99mm
Power Requirements 5VDC, 2.0A 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 6A
Data Interface USB, Bluetooth wireless
Spectrometer Principle Concave holographic grating
Battery Rechargable Li-ion Battery > 2,000 measures/charge
Effective Bandwidth 10nm
Color Systems: CIE L*,a*,b*,C,h coordinates, Hunter L,a,b coordinates, Tristimulus X,Y,Z, x, y coordinates, CIE 2000
Color Difference: DL*, Da*,Db*,DH*, Dh*, DE*, CMC color difference, FMC II color differences, Hunter DL,Da, Db, DE differences
Indices Metamerism Index (CIE & DIN), Whiteness (CIE, E313, Hunter, Berger, Stensby), Yellowness (D1925 and E313), ISO/AATCC Staining, ISO/AATCC Fastness, Contrast Ratio, Optical Density
Illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, C, U3000, Horizon, F2, F7, F11
Data Storage >2,000 standards with tolerance, max 500 batches per standard
Languages English, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish


(1) Environmental Conditions: Temperature 23°C +/- 1°C RH 50% +/- 10%
(2) For reliable color measurements, conditions must be within recommended operating conditions.
(3)Color equation is CIELab (D65/10), LAV, Specular Included, Measured on 12 BCRA Tiles