Sichuan Dowell Science & Technology Inc. Forges Their Future Through Innovation

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No stranger to technology, the plastics industry continues to expand its variety of digital color management solutions. At the head of the pack? Sichuan Dowell Science & Technology.

With the growth of digital technology and its many applications, thousands of computer-aided color measurement and matching systems have been put into industrial application since the 1980s. The use of computer-aided color matching systems has also become popular in leather chemicals, textiles, plastics, inks, automobiles, dyes, and pigments, among other industries.

Modern, computer-aided color matching systems integrate spectrophotometers, computers and color matching software. The system stores the pigment paste data for use in production in advance. It then uses that data to calculate the mixing ratio of the pigment paste in order to produce color just like the standard sample. By doing so, it can generate a predetermined recipe.

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Metamerism Wreaks Havoc on Quality Control

Today, the leather industry is facing a widespread challenge: how to quickly solve metamerism issues when producing leather for automobile cushions, sofas, patent leather, handbags and more.

When matching colors, most people will experience varying degrees of interference from metamerism due to individual differences in color perception and the limitations of using light sources in color matching. Therefore, it is particularly important to use a professional color matching device to improve the accuracy of color matching.

Dowell offers 10 product lines with hundreds of pigment paste products. They focus on finding solutions to metamerism from the start of R&D. That’s why they sought out Datacolor’s color management solutions.

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Datacolor Match Pigment Color Formulation Software 

Datacolor MatchPigment is a color formulation software designed for the coatings, pigments and plastics industries. It allows you to formulate the desired colors with efficiency and confidence. The unique SmartMatch technology in Match Pigment reduces the need for physical matching and improves first-shot color match rates by up to 80%.

SmartMatch identifies systematic discrepancies between recipes that are calculated theoretically and actual dyed recipes and uses algorithms to improve recipe prediction or corrections.

Then, when a new recipe is formulated, the program retrieves this information and modifies the concentration of dyestuffs based on the SmartMatch populations, resulting in a closer prediction than conventional prediction methods.

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Moving Forward with a New Color Management Program  

Datacolor helped Dowell deploy a superior web-based color matching system server and develop a color matching system dedicated to leather finishing. The company can share a database of more than 40 pigment pastes remotely to quickly solve the metamerism issue. Moreover, with the establishment of a database containing more than 400 standard color cards, the accuracy of first-shot recipes has been improved significantly.

With the high color matching accuracy provided by Datacolor, Dowell can select the optimal pigment paste recipe, improve the covering power of the coating, and reduce costs of pigment paste. As a result, color matching can be done faster and with first-shot accuracy of 85%, which can lead to increased productivity and lower labor cost.

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