Datacolor innovations making Yousung Co. the leader in color management for dyeing and painting

Change is the only constant

A business that is constantly adapting to the changing market needs, regardless of the time, resource, and funds required to do so, will ultimately be the one that outpaces its competition.

Yousung C&F Company (Yousung Co.) is such a business. Since its establishment in 1979, Yousung Co. has strived to become a trusted leader in the synthetic leather industry, with high-quality products and faster time to market while ensuring environmental protection. With many dyeing and painting plants throughout Korea, a production rate of nearly 1,000 tons per month, Yousung Co. is now a leading supplier to many well-known luxury brands in the automotive, fashion and medical device industry worldwide.

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“Datacolor experts have become an extended part of our team. They provided helpful advice and committed to training us to become more effective and efficient in using the tools.”

Mr. Dong-Gyu Lee

When it is time to change

Many companies settle for imperfections in their
final product, due to the lack of knowledge and
investment in proper color management process.
Yousung Co. however, understands the importance
of color management and how it can deliver the
competitive difference they needed to win market

“Without a digital color management solution, the process of color measurement and quality control was a constant challenge; especially for those unmeasurable or complex materials,” Yousung Co. said.

Before implementing Datacolor’s spectrophotometers and software solution, Yousung Co. color managers spent many hours using a magnifying glass comparing the colors of various Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) dots less than 0.5mm in diameter. Ultimately, they were unable to make consistent color evaluations and often resulted to best-can-do efforts after 10 batches.

This is when Yousung realized, they must change. They chose Datacolor to help implement a standardized digital color management process that can achieve objective color measurements, first shot color matches and most importantly, meeting their
customer’s high expectations.

Working closely with Datacolor local team of experts, Yousung Co. selected Datacolor SpectraVision and Tools SV quality control software, a unique solution that can provide objective digital measurement of small PVC dot samples.

With the innovative SpectraVision solution, Yousung Co. was able to lower their tolerance from DE 3.0 to DE 0.5, at the same time reduce the batch numbers by 50% to achieve this higher quality matches. This is both time and money saved that allows Yousung Co. to focus on developing new products.

In addition to the SpectraVision’s ability to measure very small sample sizes, the instrument’s high repeatability, tight tolerance, and backward compatibility to Datacolor 800, the high-end benchtop designed for solid color measurements,
were also important factors to Yousung Co. These functionalities ensure consistent measurements across Yousung Co.’s multiple factories, as well as eliminate the need to remaster their standards.

Tools Screen for multi illuminants

Datacolor solution brings Yousung Co. further competitive advantages:

  • Fast and accurate color formulation based on digital measurement data.
  • Reduced sample costs and increased first-shot matches.
  • Happier customer with consistent high product quality.
  • Greater efficiency through on-screen color evaluations.
  • The ability to review digital color anytime, anywhere.
  • Less environmental impact with reduced physical samples
artificial leather close up 1600
Colorful artificial leather

Strive for efficiency in color management in dyeing and painting

Global luxury brands trust Yousung Co. because of
their ability to consistently provide on time delivery
of high-quality products. With the implementation
of digital color management solution, Yousung Co. is
poised to gain additional production efficiency,
reduce cost, through fast and accurate color
measurement process. Thanks to this solid
foundation, Yousung Co. can now launch new
designs faster to meet the ever-changing customer

Once they invest in the digital technology, Yousung Co. understands to maximize the full benefits of these tools they need the right training and guidance. Working closely with Datacolor local color experts, they took full advantage of Datacolor color
management workshops to fully understand and utilize the various functionality of the solution.

Change is the only constant. With Datacolor’s digital color management solution, Yousung Co. not only can remain agile in these uncertain times, but they can also continue to innovate every day to meet changing needs and provide the best experience for their customers.

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