Speed-to-Market is Critical in the Textile and Apparel Industry—But Color Development Roadblocks Often Get in the Way


Just two weeks.  


According to a recent report from McKinsey that’s the average amount of time it takes a global vertical fast-fashion brand to complete a fashion cycle. For a US lifestyle brand, it’s 34 weeks on average. A global premium apparel brand takes 47 weeks to complete the cycle.  


Those numbers speak for themselves. For retailers everywhere—both large and small—the pressure is on. 


In an article for Textile World, Our CEO Albert Busch weighed in on what it will take to start overcoming some of the most common color development roadblocks at a time when calendars are shrinking, and speed-to-market is critical.  


Head over to Textile World to read Albert’s full article.  


We’d love to hear what steps your company taking to overcome color development roadblocks. Send us a note at marketing@datacolor.com to share your experience.


Apparel brands large and small need to achieve quicker, more efficient turnarounds


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