Highlights from the Datacolor Textile Summit

What happens when you bring together textile and apparel industry leaders for three days of trainings, discussions, product demos and presentations? For one thing, too many highlights to fit into just one post. Held this June in Denver, Colorado, the Datacolor Textile Summit focused on addressing the challenges presented by managing color in the retail and apparel industry.


Below are just some of our favorite moments from the event.


1. Global Key Account Team Manager Ken Butts and Product Manager Lisa Beck took us through trainings that covered Datacolor Envision, Spyder and SpectraVision. On showing the value of SpectraVision to printers and dyers, Ken said:


“When you implement technology and use it as it’s designed and get a first-shot match, then you can really see the value.”



Attendees also asked some great questions about SpectraVision, like how many colors SpectraVision can measure at once (answer: 12) and how thick of a sample you can measure (answer: we haven’t found a limit yet—just make sure the sample isn’t sticking into the instrument). Find more answers about SpectraVision here.


2. Open discussions facilitated by John Mansour covered everything from shrinking product lifecycles to PLM systems to vendor empowerment and communication with mills. The biggest takeaway for us? There are so many shared color challenges throughout the retail industry, and talking through them together goes a long way. Several attendees shared solutions that have worked for them, sparking spirited discussions and ideas for doing things differently.


3. Our Summit welcome reception wasn’t just a networking opportunity. Attendees also got to see an aerial silk performance and get their caricature drawn. There was so much demand for a drawing, we invited the artist back for our gala the following night! Here’s what some of the Datacolor team looks like in caricature form. Do you see the resemblance?



4. When attendees were asked the question “my company sees color as…” there were a wide range of responses, from “engaging” to “the last piece of the puzzle”. Thankfully for those in the latter category, we also discussed strategies for changing that.


5. Slaven Elčić, Global Director of Digital Strategy at global retail marketing agency Eyelevel talked to us about design thinking and the importance of exposing yourself to something different from your daily job (in this case, color-related details) to avoid getting too focused on the details. He shared this perspective that ties in perfectly with color management:


“It only starts with technology. Once we’re putting technology in, we have to think about what kind of data we can get out of it that will help us get some actionable insights and ultimately bring us to solutions that will deliver that expected value.”



6. We also heard from Sookchan Lee, Lead Colour Technologist at Marks and Spencer, who took us through her company’s storied color management history. Fun fact: Marks and Spencer implemented technology to create color coordinates back in 1966. As a result, stock that was estimated to last five weeks sold out in 10 days! They were also leaders in standardized store lighting. We’d also like to frame this quote from Sookchan’s presentation:


“When we get it right, a single color in a garment can be worth well over a million pounds” (or 1.33 million US Dollars)



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