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Meet Crystal Cox: Senior Applications Specialist


There’s a famous 1980s song that is not only immediately recognizable, but usually gets stuck in your head as soon as it’s mentioned. Released in 1981, “Working for the Weekend” hits home in almost every business arena. Many even consider it an anthem of their work-life, because for most, Saturday and Sunday are the ‘light at the end’ of the week’s proverbial ‘tunnel.’

But not for Datacolor’s Senior Applications Specialist, Crystal Cox. To Crystal, the weekend is just an additional set of valuable days she can provide service to our clients. Whether it is 8am on a Wednesday or noon on a Sunday, Crystal is ready to help.

There are plenty of examples that highlight Crystal’s enthusiasm to assist those she works with on a daily basis. When asked about those, she said “You just never know when someone will need help. There have been times when I have spent multiple Sundays working with customers because that was the only time they had available. There have been afternoons spent working on the floor with them to get new software up and running. Ultimately, we work together, the customer and I, and these situations give me the opportunity to learn from them and get a better sense of their needs for the future. I just want everyone to have a good experience.”

Crystal’s dedication to the people she works with shines through no matter where she goes. Her can-do attitude is a beacon to everyone who contacts her – which is why we have taken the time to spotlight her personally, and to learn from her extensive background in retail paint!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Favorite color: Datacolor Red

Alma Mater: University of Florida (NOT to be confused with Florida State). GO GATORS!

Hits the road in: Either a Honda CRV, or the “mom mobile,” but would love to have another convertible some day.

Favorite hobby: “Kayaking the rivers through the mountains of North Carolina and the US Olympic Whitewater center.”

Fun fact: Crystal has two sons; one in a band who recently opened for Charlie Daniels, Foghat, and the Marshall Tucker Band, and another who works in team management for the Kannapolis Intimidators – a farm team for the Chicago White Sox!

Crystal’s Story

A long, long time ago, in an office much different from today, Crystal’s journey at Datacolor began. Hired in 1998, she has been with Datacolor through thick and thin, and fell into her role as an Applications Specialist quite by accident.

“When I started, they needed all hands on deck for the first couple of weeks as we started becoming more immersed in the retail market. It was a new level of business,” she recalls. “The position was called Technical Account Rep. At that time, Paintmaker had just been upgraded to Windows, and we were really striving to move forward with retail paint systems – and thats how I ended up here.”

After nearly two decades in the field, Crystal is certainly an industry expert. So what keeps her committed to Datacolor?

“It comes down to the people I work with,” she said. “I have known people, both in-office and customers out-of-office, for my entire adult life. It’s a great company. We had a meeting this past winter with our team in NC, and we estimated that combined we had 500 years of industry experience. I’ve known these guys forever, and there is a huge level of trust here. I think we have a great team. So many of us treat this like our baby; it’s personal to all of us. When it comes to customer support and service, we’re killing it – we’ve got it going on!”

Crystal’s Top 3 Paint Department Tips:

We asked Crystal what moves customers can make to increase the success of their paint departments. Here are her recommendations:

  1. Save. Your. Data.
  2. Encourage users to try samples first before committing to them.
  3. Encourage equipment education within the paint department, and urge employees to understand how the software works, and what it is meant to do.

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