Datacolor ENVISION ensures accurate sample color display on a calibrated monitor. Color measurement data is applied to detailed images and textures to produce lifelike product simulations as a substitute for physical samples. Reduce physical sampling in global supply chains with Datacolor ENVISION.


Datacolor ENVISION Pro The full featured version supporting image separation utilities for scanned and photographed samples.


Datacolor ENVISION Plus All the features of Pro, but without the ability to create new substrates and images.


Designed for:
Ideal for designers and quality control specialists wanting to reduce the number of physical samples required in the color development process.


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Precise On-Screen Color

Precise On-Screen Color


Display colors accurately on a monitor calibrated using innovative Datacolor ENVISION algorithms and the Datacolor Spyder5. Color can be accurately represented on multiple substrates under multiple illuminants to easily evaluate metamerism. Make color design and approval decisions directly on-screen to reduce the need for physical samples.

Datacolor ENVISION Precise On-Screen Color

Visualization on Textured Samples


Visualization on Textured Samples


Color measurement data can be a challenge to interpret, but with Datacolor ENVISION users can display spectral color accurately on a monitor to enable visual assessment. Color can be displayed on a flat tile, and it can also be applied to textured substrates or full garments to replicate the visual experience. New substrates or garments are easily created using a scanner or a digital camera.

Streamlined Color Development

Streamlined Color Development


A significant amount of time and money are wasted shipping physical samples around the world, with samples often rejected due to unacceptable color quality. With Datacolor ENVISION, digital sample data is accurately displayed on a calibrated monitor. Pass/fail decisions can be made without a physical sample. Unacceptable samples can be rejected and corrected without losing weeks shipping samples.

Datacolor ENVISION Streamlined Color Development

Visualization for Digital Color Design

Datacolor ENVISION Visualization for Digital Color Design

Visualization for Digital Color Design


Accurate on-screen color gives flexibility in design to validate color palettes and add or remove standards. Colors can be displayed on fabric samples or on full garments to produce the most lifelike rendering of a color palette. A range of new colors is easily created between two existing samples, and then substituted in a garment or pattern.

Datacolor recommends the EIZO CG277 for the most accurate color calibration.

Datacolor ENVISION™ software license in selected level.

The pro-level includes an image separation feature

Processor Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Free Hard Drive Capacity 120 GB
Video Resolution 1024 x 768 True Color
Video Memory 128 MB
CD/DVD Drive CD Writer
Diskette Drive 1.44 MB
Available Ports (1) RS-232 Serial, (3) USB
Printer Port Parallel or USB
Operating System Windows® XP Pro, SP 2


Feature Availability Datacolor ENVISION Pro Datacolor ENVISION Plus
Image separation Yes No
Color creation and selection Yes Yes
Spectrophotometer input Yes Yes
Color visualization under various lighting conditions Yes Yes
Monitor calibration Yes Yes
PrintCal printer calibration Yes Optional
Color library with search and retrieve functions Yes Yes
Accurate color communication Yes Yes
Spectral and colormetric data displays Yes Yes
Integration with other Datacolor SPECTRUM™ products Yes Yes