Datacolor Paint is an all new software that redefines the search, match and dispense workflow for paint retailers. Featuring a modern user-interface, Paint is both easy-to-use and customizable, for immediate brand recognition. Datacolor’s lab-quality matching capabilities enable you to not only find the right color for your customer faster, but also formulate that color with greater accuracy – improving customer satisfaction and minimizing re-tints.


Designed for:
Retail stores that sell paint & coatings and for manufacturer labs.


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Our retail paint solution can help you reduce mistints and increase sales:

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Fast Color Lookup & Customizable User Interface

Fast Color Lookup & Customizable User Interface


  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use:
    Wizard mode enables search by color or product and all-in-one mode, saving steps to dispense.
  • Customizable user interface :
    Add or remove features to suit your workflow, intuitive navigation and custom addition of manufacturer or hardware store logo.
  • Flexible Formula Management:
    Use any unit of measurement – shots, ounces, quarts, gallons, or liters – including automatic conversion from volume to weight.
  • Re-dispense formulas instantly:
    Search customer files for any color, between any time period to quickly re-dispense and satisfy repeat customers.


Datacolor Paint Fast Color Lookup and Customizable User Interface

Lab Quality Matching Engine

Datacolor Paint Lab Quality Matching Engine

Lab Quality Matching Engine


  • Datacolor Paint provides superior color matching results. 30% greater efficiency in first shot matching than competitive POS products. Achieve higher customer satisfaction thanks to reduced mistints correction.
  • Whether your customer wants to customize an accent shade or match exterior colors for stucco and plaster, you’ll always deliver results corresponding to your customer’s vision.
  • Datacolor’s Smart Match technology adapts to the real behavior of bases and colorants.


Manage Your Dispenser Efficiently

Manage Your Dispenser Efficiently


Integrated dispenser capability:

  • Manage the paint matching system AND the auto-dispenser using a single computer via direct communication protocol.

Multiple dispenser connectivity:

  • Boost productivity for large-volume paint operations using multiple dispenser communications to flexibly change between dispensers.

Visualization of colorant quantities:

  • Easy dosing of formulas for manual dispensers.

Dataolor Paint automatic dispenser

Prevent Mistints & Automate Workflow

Datacolor Paint Configuration

Prevent Mistints & Automate Workflow


Prevent mistints:

  • Datacolor Paint supports barcodes for quality control to detect the correct base and can size before dispensing colorants. This bi-directional communication with the dispenser ensures that mistints do not occur accidentally.

Automated workflow:

  • Scan color cards with barcodes for input to ensure correct formulas are dispensed.

Watch our Video series and learn how to use Datacolor Paint:

  • Formula Lookup
  • Custom Match
  • Color Card Match
  • Auto-Formulate
  • Formula Replacement for a Base
  • Label Customization
  • Corrections
  • Calibration




  • Updates:
    Easily download color cards, formula books and formulations from the lab – online or offline.
  • Uploads and Downloads:
    Upload POS statistics and dispense history; download price lists and promotional flyers.

To adapt to different paint store settings and regional needs, Datacolor Paint is offered in three levels:


  • Datacolor Paint EFB (Electronic Formula Book)
    Our entry-level solution for reliable electronic formula book management offers fast colorimetric search and formula retrieval, customer formula storage and retrieval, manual formula storage, color coordination and communication with the most common automatic dispensers and label printers.
  • Datacolor Paint CCM (Color Card Matching)
    Includes all the features of the Electronic Formula Book level PLUS color matching for competitors’ collections and crossover colors.
    Color Card Matching requires both formulation and color card databases.
  • Datacolor Paint Pro
    Our full package that includes all the features on Electronic Formula Book and Color Card Matching PLUS custom match and color
    correction capabilities.

Printer Port Parallel or USB Parallel or USB


Component Recommended
Processor Dual Core Processor
Memory RAM 4 GB
Free Hard Drive Capacity 10 GB
Video Resolution 1280 x 1024 or higher
Video Memory 512 MB
Communication Devices 1 USB (or RS-232 Serial) for the spectrophotometer
1 USB (or RS-232 Serial) for the
1 USB for the label printer
1 USB for the hardware
Bluetooth LE for ColorReader Pro & ColorReader Spectro
Other ports: depending on the hardware devices connected to the computer
Operating System Windows® 10
Feature Comparisons Datacolor Paint 2
Datacolor Paint 2
Datacolor Paint 2
Multiple Search Methods Yes Yes Yes
Flexible Management of Formulas (volume, weight) Yes Yes Yes
Manual Formula Entry Yes Yes Yes
Customer Files Yes Yes Yes
Labels Yes Yes Yes
POS Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Barcode Management Yes Yes Yes
Price List Management Yes Yes Yes
Manual Dispensers (specific visualization) Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Dispensers (visualize, dispense, maintain) Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Dispenser Support Yes Yes Yes
Color Coordination Yes Yes Yes
Data Update (online & offline) Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Color Card Match Yes Yes No
Closest Color Look-up Yes Yes No
Custom Formulation (using spectrophotometer) Yes No No
Formula Correction Yes No No
Connectivity to ColorReaderPRO Yes Yes Yes