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Keys to color management


Datacolor Ebook: Fundamentals of Color

Are the inside squares the same color?

Keys to Color Management

Can you trust your eyes for color measurement?

  • 1 in every 8 males is color defective due to their single X chromosome function
  • One in every 250 females is color defective
  • The most common color deficiency is a partial green defective

The smaller squares inside the blue and yellow squares are all the same color. They seem different (magenta and orange) because a color is perceived differently depending on its relation to adjacent colors. You can find more vision tests here and here

Color perception depends on many factors and varies from person to person. When judging color in everyday life minor fluctuations don’t really matter. However, if you need to measure and match the color professionally, precision becomes critical.

Datacolor takes the guessing game out of color management. Our solutions help companies of all sizes to optimize their color matching & formulation processes.

✓ Consistency ✓ Objective color management
✓ Competitive edge ✓ Shorter time to market
✓ Streamline production ✓ Customer satisfaction

Our product line includes everything you need to manage your color cycle.


Create objective digital color data by measuring physical samples with spectrophotometer optimized for your industry

Visualize, evaluate and share color information to maximize productivity and quality control


Create, compare and replicate color formulas with industry leading matching algorithms


Get an increased efficiency and color confidence with best-in-class color measurement performance

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Datacolor Ebook: Fundamentals of Color

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