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CE7000A Replacement: How to Move Forward

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When your trusted instrument comes to the end of its life, how do you move forward?

Major Paint Manufacturer selects Datacolor to ensure continued superior color quality

Change is not easy, but when you are forced to make a change, be sure to take the time and evaluate all your options.


Datacolor 800Change was forced upon our customer – a major North American paint company, when the color measurement instrument they had come to know and love – the GretagMacbeth Color-Eye 7000A came to the end of its life, with support being terminated, they were faced with a tough decision on how to move forward. Like most of the leading brands and manufacturers, they have come to rely upon instrumental color evaluation to consistently achieve the right color in their products.

After careful evaluation of the proposed replacement for the 7000A by the existing vendor and the solution by Datacolor, this paint company selected Datacolor Spectro 1000 family to replace their fleet of 7000A instruments.

Reasons For Switching to Datacolor

The reasons were simple, while none of the new equipment’s measurements agreed with the 7000A completely, the Datacolor Spectro 1000 and Spectro 700 series of instruments produced closest match based on the tests conducted by this paint company. In addition, the Spectro 1000 family of spectrophotometers satisfied the requirements of a true close-tolerance instrument with excellent performance and inter-instrument agreement “out of the box”. You can read about the importance of inter-instrument agreement in our previous blog.

Other Important Factors Impacting Their Decisions:

  • Confidence: Datacolor Spectro 1000 and Spectro 700 Family uses SP2000 optical technology, which captures the true spectral fingerprint of any color at the highest possible accuracy. This ensures very close agreement among all instruments in the supply chain. The digital camera and LCD screen allow for accurate sample positioning every time.
  • Speed: Single flash measurement yields higher productivity and can reduce measurement time by at least 25% – meaning you can save over an hour per day when measuring 1000 samples.
  • Flexibility: The instrument can be connected from multiple computers via Ethernet thus shared with multiple users.
  • Quality of Service: The people and the quality of services delivered by the dedicated Datacolor applications team really impressed the customer. The team of product and industry specific application experts from Datacolor worked closely with the customer to define product requirements, application use cases, and supported the evaluation and installation process every step of the way. This kind of trust and partnership is what many of Datacolor’s customers have come to love and expect.

Let us help you to ease the transition you will face while replacing your old Color-Eye 7000As.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and start your next journey on a solid foundation.

Jeff Watts – Specialized in the paint and coatings industries, Jeff Watts brings 3 decades of color management experience to Datacolor as our Market Manager. In his role, Jeff works with customers to truly understand their color challenges and ensures Datacolor’s solutions meet those needs.

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