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A Color Management Transformation Story: From Good to Great

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Global thermoplastics manufacturer chooses Datacolor to replace the GretagMacbeth CE7000A

It’s hard to part with a reliable and trustworthy tool that has served its purpose well for so many years. However, time marches on and technology changes. Change is often hard and messy, and successful change is one where careful and deliberate consideration is given to all aspects of process and technology before any action is taken.


One of Datacolor’s clients, a global thermoplastic manufacturer, was searching for a replacement for their existing fleet of spectrophotometers. After many years of working with their trusted GretagMacbeth CE7000A color measuring instrument, its obsolescence caused them to look for another option. One of the main challenges was not only to find a solution that would work just as precisely but also to make sure that the transition was smooth. All standards needed to work with both the new and old fleets of instruments since some of them are unique and were measured decades ago.

Precise color matching is crucial for the niche markets that this manufacturer is serving. GretagMacbeth CE7000A was historically able to deliver precise readings consistently and the replacement instrument had to live up to that high standard. After careful evaluation of all existing options on the market, this manufacturer chose Datacolor 850 to replace the GretagMacbeth CE7000A.

Reasons For Switching to Datacolor

1. Advanced Sensor Technology

Datacolor’s advanced sensor technology allows for better inter-instrument agreement with existing equipment without the need for profiling, unlike competitive color management instruments. This reduces cost of change, enhances match precision and makes the switch easy.

2. Fast Measurement Speed & Ease of Use

The Datacolor solution also demonstrated more precise results on colors that are very common in the aviation industry which won the love of entire design team. The Datacolor solution is more straightforward and easier to use even for people who are new to it. Outstanding speed of measurement and simplicity of use allows for faster measurement of color.

3. The Reliable Global Support Team

Finally, one of the deciding factors for selecting Datacolor was the team supporting the transition. No other vendor could dedicate as much time and attention to detail to make the change to a new product so smooth and easy.

In color management, old instruments retire to make room for even better quality and precision. We like to think that goodbyes open the door to new opportunities.

Let us help you transform your color management process. If you are looking for replacements for your older GretagMacbeth CE7000A look no further –

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