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The Power of Vertical Spectrophotometers in Color Measurement

Spectro 1000X

With a horizontal spectrophotometer, color measurement works well for materials that are fixed to a surface, but it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement for materials that are not flat or are not able to be positioned horizontally, such as powders, granules, and uneven surfaces, liquids, gel, etc.. Depending on the sample type, you can risk getting sample material inside the sphere of a spectrophotometer causing damage to your equipment.

Choosing the Right Spectrophotometer Configuration

To overcome this challenge, there are several configurations of vertical spectrophotometers that can be used. These vertical instruments are designed to measure color from above or below the sample to make color measurement much easier. This allows for more precise and accurate measurements of materials that cannot be measured horizontally easily.

Producers within cosmetics, beverage, food, textiles, plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical…etc. all work with different types of samples that are best measured on a from above or below to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of color quality and consistency. These industries deal with different types of samples, including liquids, creams, gels, powders, and fibers, where color can be very difficult to measure without the right tools.

Benefits of Measuring Color from Above or Below

One of the main benefits of measuring color from below or above is that it allows for more consistent and measurements, regardless of the shape or orientation of the sample. For example, if you are measuring the color of a powder, you can measure it in a clear container from below, which will provide a more accurate measurement of the sample’s true color. Similarly, if you are measuring the color of a liquid in a container, you can measure it from above without liquid getting into the spectrophotometer’s sphere.

Datacolor High Precision Spectrophotometers

The Different Configurations Datacolor Offers

Datacolor offers several types of vertically configured spectrophotometers ideal for a variety of different applications.

Spectro 1000V – For measuring color from above a sample, like gels or liquids

Spectro 1000X – For measuring color from below a sample, like compressed powders, or pastes

SpectraVision V – For measuring non-solid color samples, like granules, zippers, or printed fabrics

If you are looking to control the color in your products, connect with a Datacolor expert to learn how to customize your color management workflow for you.

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