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Meet Milagros Watts: Product Marketing Manager

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Studying the mind is truly fascinating and a genuinely worthy endeavor. We’re willing to bet that nearly everyone out there has a rudimentary understanding of mental processes and scientific personality studies — whether from a college course, personal experience, or simple interest. Because of this, it’s common knowledge that everyone possesses a unique story that has shaped his/her perceptions and actions.

No one has a better appreciation of this than Datacolor’s Milagros Watts. Her vast travel experience and interaction with diverse societies provides her with compelling evidence that personality develops around community and cultural influences. Thanks to her many journeys, she jumps at the opportunity to connect with clients by taking an interest in their environments. “I have worked with diverse people and regions in my role in Product Applications, and I have been to many countries. It has always been fun for me to be the person that can help explain why people may be acting a certain way … it’s kind of like understanding the psychology behind the different cultures. Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in other people’s shoes if you don’t understand the basics of their cultures, and it is very satisfying to be able to relate to customers who otherwise may have been frustrated by a cultural barrier.”

Over the years, Milagros has supported an array of different clients in our industry. From textiles, to pigments, to retail paint, she has made valuable contributions in her role as Product Applications Manager. We are grateful for her sincere interest in understanding the needs of our clients and her passion for the color industry as a whole!

Location: Mooresville, North Carolina

Originally from: Venezuela

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Activities outside of work: “Lots of stuff! I like to be busy, so I do yoga, and I cook; I really love dancing, traveling, paddle boarding, hiking … you name it, I do it. Even in the winter, I crochet and keep up with yoga, and then in the summer I do everything else.”

Favorite Trip: “A few years ago, we went to Tanzania, Africa, and that was really amazing! We even shared a lot of pictures I took with the marketing group here.”

Most unusual samples she’s worked with: Balloons, candles, and shingles

Insight from Milagros

As she closes in on her 28th year with us at Datacolor, Milagros’ mind is a treasure trove of current trends, global perceptions and clear visions for the industry’s future. We are extremely pleased to have her take on today’s pursuits and contribute to the achievements in the world of tomorrow:

“Right now, some of the trends (especially in retail apparel segments) are speed to market, fast fashion, and online presence. Basically, these three factors are what allow clients to compete with online retail giants. So we ask, how can these retailers get garments to stores most efficiently, and how best can they maintain their online presence? This is a reoccurring obstacle with many of the customers we visit. Then, as far as foresight, I’m happy to say that Datacolor’s strategies are really moving proactively to align with these needs. I know we are conscious of the modern need to digitize color. We are looking to minimize the number of samples that are required to be sent back and forth for approval. The faster color samples are approved, the faster [products are] available for purchase.  Our forward-looking products are poised to maximize efficiency. We are also investigating new visualization platforms and broadening supply chain data management offerings. That will speed up decision-making processes. Our goal is always to make the customer experience as effortless as possible, and I foresee us making big strides to ensure just that.”

With so much enthusiasm for empathizing with customers from all reaches of the color industry, it comes as no surprise that what draws Milagros to Datacolor is the human aspect. “I really appreciate my wonderful, talented colleagues from around the world. I have traveled all over the place and learned about the color part of the business, but what I love is the people and their cultures. We are a really big family, and you can see it when you travel. We all hug when we see each other even when there’s years between visits. I think that Datacolor has an excellent work-life balance. It’s very interesting because we are learning everyday — remember I’ve been here 20-plus years — but in the last 10, I’ve seen us pushing even more to be a part of innovative trends and exceptional customer relations. Our customers are always partners in the design of new products to make sure we don’t just believe it’s a great product, but that our customers believe it is, too.”

We express our heartfelt “thank you” to Milagros for her continued support of her Datacolor team and products. Here’s to another 28 years!

Recommendations from Milagros

It all begins and ends in your mind. If you want to improve, you must trust that there are avenues to do so! Here are Milagros’ top tips for color professionals:

  • Start with the basics. Have a very solid understanding of color and color matching theory.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the color fabrication processes of your product.
  • Make sure the color measurement techniques you are using are repeatable and consistent.
  • Keep your color instrument in optimal condition and your software up to date.
  • Educate yourself and be open to new technologies. Color is always evolving.
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