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The Advantages of Digital Color Management for Masterbatchers

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In the world of plastics manufacturing, color is a significant attribute for many final products. For plastic masterbatchers who are responsible for blending polymers with pigments that range from subtly natural greens to neon oranges, consistent and accurate color formulation can be challenging.

Digital color management plays a pivotal role in this process. Color formulation software is not just about achieving the right color; it also helps ensure the appropriate physical properties necessary for a good formula are achieved depending on the product’s final usage.  In this way, products that end up in everything from automotive parts and children’s toys to construction materials and home furnishings can maintain a consistent color no matter the environment to which they are exposed.

Color Formulation for Masterbatchers

Color formulation is a necessary step in the masterbatching process, where precise colors are developed to meet specific customer requirements. Integrating formulation software like Colibri can ensure your color development process is consistently repeatable in the lab and in production. This consistent, precise workflow can greatly help in reducing discrepancies that might otherwise lead to product color rejections.

Traditionally, color systems have been isolated from the rest of the workflow, but with Colibri they can now be integrated for optimal efficiency. Through custom integrations, Colibri can communicate directly with systems like ERPs so you can easily move information through the development process from order to shipment.

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Managing a Fluctuating Environment

However, the challenge doesn’t end with initial color formulation. Customer specifications and government regulations can change, requiring reformulation, or ingredient shortages might necessitate substituting pigments or other inputs. In such scenarios, maintaining the original color specification becomes a complex task. Digital color formulation software enables quick reformulation of color formulas to adapt to new materials or changed customer demands. This flexibility is crucial for staying responsive and competitive in a dynamic market.

Improving Communication for Faster Production

Another advantage of software like Colibri is enhanced communication between facilities, customers, and suppliers. When your color data lives in Colibri Hub, color information can be communicated quickly and without ambiguity for faster color approvals. Master standards and Master Formulations are stored in the Hub. Quick access to this Master Data by other facilities allows for accurate batches across the organization especially where the same product with the same color is produced in multiple locations.

Beyond meeting initial specifications and improved communication, digital color management systems help manufacturing facilities save substantial amounts of time, money, and materials. By automating parts of the color matching and quality assurance processes, these tools reduce the need for extensive manual trials and adjustments. This efficiency cuts down on the waste of raw materials and reduces the labor and time costs associated with achieving the right hue. As a result, companies can see quicker turnaround times for new and adjusted products, enhancing overall productivity.

Your Strategic Advantage

Finally, integrating digital color management tools into daily operations provides a strategic advantage. A streamlined digital color management program that includes analytics can track and analyze color performance over time, and over the whole color delivery process including third party contributors.  The system can offer insights that help refine the color formulation process. This ongoing optimization not only ensures a consistent and efficient process but also ensures on-time and on-color delivery your customers can count on.

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