Datacolor Select Kit is an affordable, yet extremely powerful color matching tool with an advanced search engine that enables identification of perfect matches from thousands of colors. Combines color measurement with fast colorimetric search and formula retrieval, customer formula storage and retrieval, color harmony advice, and label printing. Perfect for retail paint and home décor outlets.


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Ideal for retail paint & coatings, and home décor outlets.


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Quick & Efficient True Colors

Quick & Efficient True Colors



  • Best customer experience thanks to swift and efficient service. Measure any sample, quickly reference it to a physical standard, and get the exact paint your customer wants.
  • The Datacolor Spyder™ monitor calibrator guarantees true colors on screens, preventing costly mistakes.


A Reliable Solution in Demanding Conditions

Datacolor Select Kit A Reliable Solution in demanding conditions

A Reliable Solution in Demanding Conditions


  • The Datacolor Select Colorimeter is the most accurate instrument in its class. Full confidence in every color measurement thanks to repeatable, precise results. Vital for reliable control and brand management.
  • Datacolor Select technology has a proven track-record of dependability in demanding environmental conditions and various locations. It’s robust, impeccable, without any moving parts or delicate displays. Holds up to wear and tear without impacting accuracy.
  • All units are covered under a two-year warranty.
Greater Performance = Greater Affordability

Greater Performance = Greater Affordability


  • Outpace your largest competitors – provide same service at a very affordable price with the Datacolor SelectKIT™. No elaborate training, just ready to use.
  • An enhanced spectrocolorimeter at a lower price is an unrivaled solution. Datacolor renders a complete color matching technology affordable. Make the largest and highest volume competitors jealous.

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Win Loyalty & Repeat Business

Datacolor Select Kit Win Loyalty and Repeat Business

Win Loyalty & Repeat Business


  • Drive additional sales with the module offering instant color harmony advice – use the Color Coordinate module in PAINT v.2.x.
  • Datacolor SelectKIT™ boosts sales associate’s confidence and productivity. Attract, impress and retain paint customers. Increase store traffic – offer the latest technology for paint matching services today.
  • Maintain repeat business. Customers’ previous paint purchases or specifications are stored in a database for future projects.
  • Become the preferred brand in the shop. Increase your market share; gain competitive advantage by providing Datacolor SelectKIT.

Evolutive Solution
Datacolor SelectKIT™ is a solution that grows with your retailers. When your business increases, a complete custom color matching or correcting off-shades or mistints is possible, even from your competitor’s fan decks. Easily upgrade your system without additional training or changes in workflow.

■  Datacolor Select™ spectrocolorimeter

■  Datacolor Paint Select™ Software CD

■  Printed Quick Start Guide

Processor1.6 GHz or higher
Memory512MB or higher (1)
Hard Drive1 GB of free disk space
Video Resolution1024 x 768 True Color (2)
DriveCD-ROM or DVD drive
Available PortsRS-232 Serial, USB (3)
Operating SystemWindows Vista or Windows 7

1) For systems with Windows Vista and 7, 1GB of Memory is recommended
2) Accurate on-screen color display requires monitor calibration and a true-color video card.
3) One RS-232 or USB for Printer or system expansion to full custom color matching and high performance spectrocolorimeter One USB for Datacolor Spyder3™ One USB for Datacolor Select Spectrocolorimeter

Measuring Geometry45º/0º Dual Channel
Light SourceLED array
Measurement Aperture4 mm measured
Color libraryFrom paint manufacturers on demand
Warm-Up TimeNone
Measurement Time1 second
Short-term Repeatability0.03 CIEL*a*b* (illuminant D50, 2° Observer)
Inter-Instrument AgreementAverage 0.4 DE*94, 1.0 Max DE*94 On 12 BCRA tiles at 22°C
Connection to dispensersYes
Output FunctionX Y Z, CIE L*a*b*
Illuminants/ObserversD50 CIE 2º 1931 standard observer
D65 CIE 10º 1964 standard observer
Communication InterfaceUSB 2.0
Power RequirementsUSB-powered
Dimensions of Measuring HeadHeight: 54.6 mm, Width:82.8 mm, Length: 134.3 mm, Weight: 4.1 oz
Environmental RequirementsOperating Temp:+5º- +40º C
Relative Humidity:20%- 85%
Maximum Altitude 2,000 meters