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Color and appearance

1. Color and appearance

What do object properties, a specific light source or even differences in human eyesight have to do with color? Everything, because all those aspects influence color perception! Watch the webinar to find out how!

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Color communication

2. Color communication

We all talk about colors, right? But how exactly do you communicate about a color? Let’s talk you through L* (Lightness), C* (Color) and H* (Hue) and read some spectral curves together during this webinar.

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Color Coordinates and Color Difference

3. Color coordinates and color difference

In this webinar, learn how to best express the color you need for your paint, your coating, or any other object! Join us to explore CIE tristimulus values and the CIELAB color space, and we’ll calculate color differences together.

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Color Tolerance

4. Color tolerance

In most industries, color consistency across multiple materials and iterations is required. Now that we acquired a common language in color, let’s focus on colorimetry and how to measure and record color differences. We’ll go into Delta E, color tolerance and color acceptability.

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Visual and Instrumental Color Evaluation

5. Visual and instrumental color evaluation

Wondering about the best way to evaluate color? Let’s define the necessary conditions to evaluate color, and review how a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer can do the job for you!

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