NuCoat: Ahead Of The Competition

NuCoat is an industrial coatings provider, servicing window and door manufacturers, PVC profile extruders, and contract painters in the United States and Canada. They are known in the industry as a team of experts who can match any color. With such a reputation comes a big responsibility and NuCoat repeatedly proves its leadership position in the industry order after order.

From Digital Color Communication to Excellent Customer Service:

In the coatings industry, delivering color accuracy while keeping focus of exterior performance is an everyday challenge. It is not easy to combine decorative aspects with protective qualities and ensure that color will last in different climates. NuCoat is striving to stay ahead of the market and get ready for coming trends as well as utilizing the technology to manufacture more efficiently. From digital color communication to excellent customer service, NuCoat is securing its leadership positions as one-of-a-kind distributor of water-based high performing coatings.

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Unique services

Excellent speed of color matching and custom reports help NuCoat get ahead of their competition.

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Efficient color communication

Digital data exchange reduces the need for physical samples and dramatically reduces time and money spent on development.

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Datacolor solutions are easy to operate

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Ahead of the competition 

Customer service is at the core of NuCoat’s business. Be it technical support, hands-on product training or specialty services, customers know they’ll get exactly what they need from every order. That’s partly because Datacolor’s Match Pigment software allows NuCoat to build and customize the reporting for each customer depending on their requirements. We spoke with Shelley Lee, Director of Client Services at Nucoat, who noted that she can easily pull the data based on tolerances for each color, do batch-to-batch quality checks, and track trends. 

Each day at NuCoat is different from the other with new color match requests coming in constantly. Lee estimates that there have been at least thousands of colors matched since 2015 when she implemented the in-house color program. The best part? She can use the CIE L*a*b* values as well as color swatches that were matched to create a brochure for her customers. “I really strive to provide the best service that stands out and put us above competitors,” says Lee. “When I work with my clients, I realize that color is crucial but it’s not all about technical aspects. Marketing is a nice touch and I’m proud to be able to offer this.” 

NuCoat has gained trust from their clients by not only providing top-notch services but also by acting as an expert and educator. According to Lee, NuCoat acts as a trusted partner to their customers for outsourced color quality control so that each customers’ specific requirements are met.

Evolving with Datacolor 


When Lee implemented NuCoat’s in- house color program back in 2015, she set out to learn as much as she could about color and digital color measurement. “I remember that I brought a 25-pound binder with all drawdowns and samples to the training organized by Datacolor,” shares Lee. Sean Thornton, account manager and Kevin Canale, applications engineer with Datacolor, worked with Shelley to bring her up to speed. “I learned so much in two days. For someone with no technical background going from zero knowledge about color to a pro is fantastic.” 


In an industry where regulations and quality standards are changing rapidly, NuCoat needed a solution that would evolve with them to address market needs. And that is exactly what they found. “Datacolor software is very robust, I discover something new every day,” says Lee.

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“It is huge for my clients to be able to tell their clients that they can do any kind of job and deliver it fast. Being able to turn around colors in a week is pretty unheard of.”

Shelley Lee, Director Client Services & Support

Discover digital color control at every step of your process. 

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A customer-first mindset 

NuCoat customers appreciate that their orders can be completed with speed and unmatched accuracy. It is normal for Lee to do ten to twenty custom color matches per week. “It is huge for my clients to be able to tell their clients that they can do any kind of job and deliver it fast,” says Lee. “Being able to turn around colors in a week is pretty unheard of.” 

The coatings industry is facing a lack of labor, and in many companies, employees wear multiple hats. This is another reason why it’s crucial for NuCoat to streamline the work they do for their customers—including quality control. 

It adds endless value to have windows and doors in different colors, not just black or bronze. Some of the most unique requests that Lee has received are turquoise and purple hues for windows. She has even gotten a request to match the color of a twenty-year old window that needs to be restored. No matter the request, from traditional to completely original, Match Pigment with Datacolor 500 delivers quick and exact matches every time.

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