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Here’s What You Get When You Invest in a Datacolor Solution

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Considering Incorporating Datacolor Solutions into Your Color Control Process?

Maybe you’re new to the idea of using digital tools to control color.

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing Datacolor instruments and software.

Or maybe you’re weighing the pros and cons of switching from another vendor.

Either way, this is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We want you to do your research and ask us the toughest questions you have. We want you to carefully consider your company’s return on investment. We know that our instruments can easily pay for themselves in a short amount of time, but if you’re new to working with Datacolor, we still need to prove this to you.

Most importantly, we want you to feel confident when you do decide to purchase from us. Because the solutions you implement will be a part of your color operations for a long time—in some cases, decades.

It isn’t a sale to us. It’s the start of a long-term business relationship. Just ask our 80-person global service and support team.

That’s why we decided to take you behind the scenes of what goes into each Datacolor instrument, from the people to the technology and everything in between.

You’re There for Your Customers… Our People are Here for You

Our global applications, service and support teams know our color solutions inside and out. They have over 700 combined years of experience, while our research and development team has over 350 years of combined experience… at Datacolor alone. That’s more than a millennium. And that doesn’t include all their experience working with some of the other leading color technology companies around the world.

We’re fascinated by the world of color, and creating tools that help businesses overcome some of the biggest color control challenges. Behind our solutions are multiple Ph.D. holders in areas ranging from materials science and engineering to physics and optics. Take Kate Edwards, one of our research scientists. She has a Ph.D. in physical oceanography and uses her extensive knowledge of water movement and wavelengths to understand, explore and explain the world of color.

At Datacolor, we are academic authors and teachers of the next generation of color experts, and we have helped companies you’ve definitely heard of get their digital color programs off the ground. We’re not just members of the Datacolor team – we’re extensions of your team. Together we’ve been helping customers control color since 1970. And we take color very seriously because we know you do too.

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Our Technology and Products Go Through Rigorous Research and Testing

If color is critical to your business, you need solutions you can rely on.

When it comes to Datacolor solutions, what you don’t see matters as much as what you do see. When we’re launching a new solution, you can be sure that we’ve invested years of behind-the-scenes work, from concept to construction to make sure everything is ready for our customers.

Did you know that Datacolor has 48 active global patents, seven of them issued during the 2020 fiscal year alone? That’s because we’re always challenging ourselves to expand what’s possible with color management technology.

Beyond that, we carefully inspect each and every high-end instrument before it gets shipped off to our customers. We also perform functional tests based on our strict set of technical requirements and the visual inspection of each unit. And we validate against known industry standards including operating temperature, altitude, high/low temperature, transit testing, EMC testing, and safety testing.

Ensuring every piece of equipment works and functions the way it was designed to is part of our promise to our customers. We want to make sure that our equipment will be an essential part of your color operations for many years to come. In fact, we have customers still using the same Datacolor instrument after for over 10 years.

Many of our customers are leaders in their industries with multiple locations around the world. That’s why we’ve designed our equipment to be a complete global solution. Our spectrophotometers are designed to work together across departments and across locations. When it is time to upgrade—even if that’s a decade or two from now—our instruments are also backward compatible, so they can work with your existing color data. We know you can’t afford the downtime that comes with starting from scratch when you implement new color tools.

We’re Not Just Helpers—We’re Teachers

The support doesn’t stop once you’ve purchased a Datacolor product. Our service and support team will go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met and your problems are solved. We want to empower you to get the most out of your color control strategy and share our color knowledge with you.

The Datacolor service and support team handles more than 25,000 service requests per year in over 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia—all in local languages. With uniform procedures and training throughout the world, you can be sure each member of our support team is equipped for the job at hand.

We’re proud to say we received a 4.4 out of 5 service rating based on customer satisfaction surveys from 2000 Datacolor customers worldwide. This comes from more than 50 years of dedication to the world of color.

From paint and coatings, to plastics, to textile and beyond, we’re committed to setting up every customer for success so they can get the best possible return on their investment.

Why Invest in a Datacolor Solution?

In short, you get so much more than instruments and software. At Datacolor, we are passionate about color. That’s why we not only invest in the best and the brightest minds in the industry, but we also ensure all our products are there to solve your color needs—today and well into the future. Ready to chat with an expert in digital color management? Reach out to our team here.

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