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Color Control for Architectural Coatings: What You Need to Know

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This article originally appeared in the March issue of PPCJ – Architectural Coatings https://www.polymerspaintcolourjournal.com

Brands and their buildings are often associated with specific colors, the secret key of which is unique, or most especially, consistent color. Consider the Pacific Design Center in California, or the famous San Francisco Painted Ladies – landmark structures that are as memorable in appearance as their brands are well-known around the world.

As many of us know, architectural coatings are often used to coat a building or signage of a building so that its colors are lasting and memorable. They also provide numerous benefits to buildings beyond vibrancy, including impact resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. All of this is critical to the structural and aesthetic success of a building.

Coatings clearly serve a vital role in physically protecting an organization’s building and, indirectly, its reputation. Thus, planning for color is an important part of the design and building process, and the connection of color and architectural coatings is held together by a precise, efficient color management system.

With the right color matching and formation solution, manufacturers can create paint and stains that help build their brand reputation, inspire beautiful homes and spaces, and do it faster and more cost efficiently. The process starts by measuring color samples with confidence using a reference grade spectrophotometer, then saving time and money with accurate first-shot matches using smart matching formulation software. Once formulated, the match can then be evaluated and numerical color information can be shared with quality control software to enable objective pass/fail decisions for production batches.

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Jeff Watts – Specialized in the paint and coatings industries, Jeff Watts brings 3 decades of color management experience to Datacolor as our Market Manager. In his role, Jeff works with customers to truly understand their color challenges and ensures Datacolor’s solutions meet those needs.

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