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From the CEO: The Role of Digital Technology in Our Post-Pandemic Recovery Efforts

Datacolor CEO

This article is written by Datacolor CEO, Albert Busch and was originally published on LinkedIn

Datacolor has been reflecting on what the future holds for us. Given all the challenges we’ve faced in recent months and the changes that have come with them, it’s clear the rest of 2020 (and beyond) will not look like the “normal” we’d come to accept from before.

For 50 years, Datacolor has provided industry-leading, innovative color management solutions for many industries, including textiles, paint & coatings, and plastics. We’ve long been advocates for the benefits of digital technology, particularly with digital color management. As we look to the future, these solutions will be integral to the new way in which we work.

Here are some of the ways we’re working on making an impact for the better within the industries we serve:

Our Jobs May Change

Many anticipate there may be a noticeable shift away from in-person manual work toward remote work, which will in turn reduce travel. When it comes to evaluating the color of samples, this trend will require increased reliance upon digital tools that allow manufacturers and brands to capture color data in one location and send it to countless locations across the globe for digital approval. This has the added benefit of reducing the shipment of physical samples, which helps save cost and time and also benefits the environment.

Our portable color measurement instruments feature excellent inter-instrument agreement with their benchtop counterparts, allowing customers to continue to evaluate samples even while working from home. Additionally, our solutions allow for remote customer support, including installation, configuration, diagnostics and training. And our customers can also access their software remotely – whether in their home or at work.

Sourcing Strategies Will Shift

Sourcing strategies are changing and will continue to do so. In the face of COVID-19, sourcing teams scrambled to maintain supply chains as portions of the world shut down production to limit the spread of the virus.

Sourcing teams need contingency plans. They need reliable data to help identify the right supplier for the job quickly, and they need to have trust their new suppliers will deliver. With the help of solutions like Datacolor’s Assessment Services and ColorHub, brands are empowered with data and insights that let them know exactly the capabilities of their suppliers. On the other side, supliers can use these tools as a new way to promote their capabilities to new customers across the globe.

Work Efficiency Will Come into the Foreground

As we begin to come out of the financial slump cause by the global pandemic, businesses will be looking to improve efficiency more than ever before.

This is where digital color management really shines. From elimination of physical samples and reduced travel to first-shot color matching and using recycled materials that reduce waste – digital color management increases efficiencies throughout nearly every step of your workflow and across the supply chain.

As we all begin to better understand the nuances of our “new normal” post-pandemic, Datacolor will be here, continuing to offer solutions that help businesses manage color more easily and more effectively.

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